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Student Organizations

BUGS: The Biology Undergraduate & Graduate Society (BUGS) is a society bringing together all students interested in Biology. Our lounge is in LB 153 and all BUGS members are welcome to come on in and relax, study, or socialize. BUGS also offers opportunities for tutoring.

URGSA: The University of Regina Graduate Students' Association operates under the umbrella of URSU, and addresses the unique needs of U of R graduate students.

Science Students' Society: The Science Students’ Society at the University of Regina is a science student-led, volunteer based group that strives to allow for the personal and professional development of students by establishing a safe and positive environment and social culture that allows students to achieve social, emotional and academic success.

URSU: The University of Regina Students' Union offers various types of services for students, including a health & dental plan, and student advocacy.  URSU also sponsors nearly 100 distinct clubs that will help you make connections, pursue your passions and grow your leadership skills.