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Teaching Assistantships


TAships will generally comprise a combination of laboratory teaching (usually onsite, but sometimes over Zoom) and lab/lecture grading; some grading-only TAships are also available. Laboratory sections are scheduled for weekday mornings (8:30 am), afternoons (2:30 pm), evenings (6:00 pm), and also on Saturday afternoons (1:30 pm). When indicating periods of non-availability on the TA Application, please indicate periods of non-availability due to only: course scheduling conflicts, research commitments (e.g. start of the "field season" for your research) or family/faith commitments. If your field season takes up most of a semester then it may not be feasible to assign a TAship for that semester. Lastly, if your upcoming semester schedule changes after applying for a TAship, please promptly inform the Biology Department (

TA application:

The link to the application will be circulated to current undergraduate and graduate students in Biology approximately one month before the application deadline.

TA application deadlines:

           Fall semester - July 15                        Winter semester -  November 15


Courses often requiring TAs for the Fall semester: BIOL 100, 110 (marking only), 140, 150, 205, 222 (marking only), 224, 266, 275, 302, 305, 310, 335, 380 and 407.
Courses often requiring TAs for the Winter semester: BIOL 101, 111 (marking only), 140, 205, 224, 288, 367, 378, and 385.
Check UR Self-Service to determine which courses are being offered. Note that the majority of TAships will be for BIOL 100 or 101.


Graduate students without major scholarships are guaranteed up to 120 hours of TAship. It is possible to request fewer than 120 hours, and also to request more than 120 hours. Requests for more than 120 hours will be considered, but will only be granted if there are courses that need additional TA hours.

International students working as U of R TAs: Graduate and undergraduate students who are employed as TAs must complete and submit the Verification of Academic Status for the Eligibility to Work on Campus form; please contact UR International ( for a copy of the form. This form must be submitted for every semester in which an international student works as a TA.

TA Positions

In-lab TAs

Duties: To provide instruction at weekly labs and to carry out duties related with the labs.

Qualifications: Excellent communication skills and a strong facility with the course content are required. Open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Marking TAs

Duties: To grade assignments, quizzes, and midterm exams.

Qualifications: A strong facility with the course content is required. Must be willing to ask questions of the instructor(s) about grading schemes. Open to undergraduate and graduate students.