Biology Co-op Program

The goal of the Biology Co-op program is to provide hands-on (and paid) job experience for students enrolled in the Biology BSc or BSc Hons programs (this includes students in the two Areas of Concentration in the BSc and BSc Hons). Co-op work terms are four months in duration, although double work terms (eight months) are sometimes arranged. The work terms are staggered between semesters in which students take courses (they occur during the BSc degree).

The Co-op work terms may be at private companies, research institutions, government laboratories or universities. Some work term positions include field work, many positions require a valid driver's licence, and the majority of positions are located outside of Regina. U of R undergraduate summer research positions (including NSERC USRA positions) are eligible to be Co-op work terms (please consult with the research supervisor). Each work term is associated with a work term report that is due early in the following semester.  More details about the Biology Co-op program are available in the Biology Co-op Guide.

Some examples of previous Biology Co-op positions:

  • Water Quality Data Analyst - Environment Canada
  • Agroforestry Research Assistant - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Laboratory Technician - Maxxam Analytics Inc.

The BSc or BSc Hons with Co-op designation includes 120 credit hours of courses and three non-credit work terms (each of four months duration); an optional fourth work term is also possible. The course requirements and total credit hours are identical to those of a Biology BSc or BSc Hons degree.

The work term reports will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Work terms must receive a grade of "Pass" in order to count towards the Co-op designation. For the Biology Co-op Work Term Report, please use of the two formats described in the Biology Co-op Information document, and submit the report electronically as a Word (or equivalent) file; send to

Application for entry into all Co-op programs is via the Co-op Office (Riddell Centre 163). The Co-op Office also has information about how to apply for work terms, time lines, and workshops about various topics (e.g. résumé writing). A fillable PDF version of the application form is found here.

Co-op Application Time Line & Important Dates: The important dates for the Co-op programs (e.g. application deadline, timing of required workshops) are available on the Co-op website. The application deadine for entry into Co-op is typically a minimum of 3.5 months prior to the start of the work term (e.g. the deadline for an application for a spring/summer work term would be approximately mid-January). Once a student is accepted into Co-op, there are required Co-op workshops that must be attended prior to the start of the work term.

A change to the Biology Co-op Program, starting Spring/Summer 2021 - Number of Work Terms

Starting with the Spring/Summer 2021 semester, the Biology Co-op program requires three (3) work terms, with a optional fourth (4th) work term.  This replaces the previously-required four work terms.

More information

For more information, contact the Biology Co-op Coordinator, Harold Weger - - LB 255