Mathematics and Statistics

Seminars and Colloquia

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics holds the following seminars and colloquia series regularly:

  • Department Colloquium. Colloquia lectures are directed to mathematical scientists from all backgrounds with the purpose of providing an overview of a particular field of mathematical science, together with some of its recent advances. The Colloquium is usually held on Fridays at 3:30 p.m.
  • PIMS Distinguished Lecture Series. The PIMS lectures are sponsored by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences and are colloquium-style lectures presented by prominent Canadian and international mathematical scientists.
  • H.N. Gupta Memorial Lecture.  This is an annual lecture series in memory of Professor Haraguari Naryan Gupta. 
  • Prairie Mathematics Colloquium. This is a joint seminar series between the University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan and the University of Manitoba.
  • Operator Algebra Seminar. This seminar series is devoted to special topics in operator algebra and functional analysis. The lectures usually run over a course of several weeks and are technical in nature.
  • Topology and Geometry Seminar.  This seminar series is devoted to selected topics in topology and geometry. The lectures are given weekly. In the Winter 2024, the seminar is devoted to deformation theory.
  • Graduate Student Seminar. These lectures by MSc and PhD students form part of the formal requirements for the MSc and PhD degrees. All graduate students are particularly encouraged to attend.
  • Honours Seminar. These lectures by undergraduate students form part of the formal requirements for the BSc Honours degree. All graduate and undergraduate students are particularly encouraged to attend.