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In the Faculty of Social Work we actively encourage our students to become involved with their communities through volunteering, participation in student societies, and membership with various social work associations. All of these provide invaluable experiences and learning opportunities that will undoubtedly help prepare our students for a career in human service.

Student Societies

The Social Work Student Society is a non-profit student run organization operating out of the University of Regina's Faculty of Social Work.

The Faculty of Social Work has two Social Work Student's Societies (SWSS), one in Regina and the other in Saskatoon, each of which function as a venue for social work students to gather and pursue common goals and interests, with their ultimate aspiration as the pursuit of positive change at the Faculty, University and community levels.

The SWSS is always looking for new members, and everyone is welcome to attend meetings.

Learn more about SWSS Regina.

Learn more about SWSS Saskatoon.

Volunteer Experience

We strongly recommend that students have some prior volunteer experience in a helping setting before applying to be fully admitted to our social work programs. Not only does volunteering have a meaningful and positive impact on individuals and communities, but it also helps our students develop new skills and interests, attain a strong sense of achievement, and interact with a diverse range of people.

Mentorship Program

All BSW students are encouraged to consider taking part in the Mentorship Program through the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers (SASW). As part of the program, students are paired with experienced registered social workers as a form of supportive networking aimed at strengthening professional identity.  Students have the opportunity to learn about specific areas of practice, populations, communities, professional development, self-care, practicum, graduate studies, etc.