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U of R Alumni Memories: Catch up with old friends

31 May 2024
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From: Winona Kent


Date: 2024-03-21 3:11 PM

Subject: U of RMemories

Hello :-)

I graduated in spring 1975 from U of R with my Honours certificate in English. I'd done my Undergrad degree (3 years) in Regina 1971-1974, but it was when it was still called the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus. So when the U of S, Regina Campus became the University of Regina, I was one of the first graduates!

That pic you have of "The Pit" at the top of your March alumni newsletter is totally relevant to me. Aside from the memory of that particular location at the bottom of the well in the middle of the Ad-Hum Building (I remember it had bright orange shaggy carpeting and carpeted square blocks for sitting on) - that photo features noted Canadian author Ken Mitchell.

Caption: Ken Mitchell OC, SOM, Canadian author and educator, pictured in the AdHum Pit earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1965 and a Masters of Arts in 1967 from the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus. He also taught in Department of English at the University of Regina and retired in 2005 as Professor Emeritus.

I'm a short story author and novelist currently living in Vancouver, BC. I'm also the Vice Chair and local BC Rep for the Crime Writers of Canada. I've got 10 novels and a book of short stories in print, with my eleventh novel on its way this fall. I wouldn't have accomplished any of that without the early guidance and mentorship of Ken Mitchell*, who was my Lit prof and Creative Writing instructor at the U of R.

My degree from the University of Regina has always provided me with a strong foundation for my life from that day forward. — Dick White B.Ed.’74 and former U of R Director of Athletics

Ken was the one who recognized a spark of talent in me, and guided me into classes and workshops with other writers, back in the days when those opportunities were incredibly rare. A lot of what Ken taught me is still with me today. Never use a passive verb if you can find an active one that works better. Show, don't tell. Use dialogue, whenever you can, to move the story forward. A little humility in your attitude will go a long way towards helping your career. I'm paraphrasing him, but I wanted to say how grateful I was to have Ken in my corner, as my instructor and my "guidance counsellor", as I took those early steps in learning how to become a writer of short and long fiction.  Thanks, Ken :-)

Winona Kent BA’74, Cert. (Hons) English’75

From: Dick White

To: U of R 50th Anniversary

Date: 2024- 03-22 1:45 PM

Subject: U of R Memories

I recall in preparation for convocation that we had an option for our degree to be from the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus or from the University of Regina. I remember it being an easy decision to choose to be awarded one of the first degrees from the University of Regina and being very proud to be a member of the Class of 1974. My degree from the University of Regina has always provided me with a strong foundation for my life from that day forward.

Richard A White B.Ed.‘74

Man standing with equipment
White, former U of R Director of Athletics, was inducted into the Regina Sports Hall of Fame (2013) and Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame (2015), and the Canada West Hall of Fame (2019) for his service to intercollegiate sports. He retired from the U of R in 2014.

From: Dale Back


Date: 2024-03-24 10:13 PM

Subject: U of R Memories

I convocated from the U of R twice in the ‘70s.The first was a BA (majoring in physics and math) in 1972 from the U of S, Regina Campus and the second was a B.E.A.D. from the U of R in 1974. I also met my wife while studying at the University of Regina. We married in 1979. In addition, all three of my children studied at the U of R.

Dale Beck BA ’72, BEAD ‘74

From: Gord Archibald


Date: 2024-04-03 12:46 PM

Subject: Share a memory

Technically I’m a graduate of the U of S Regina campus in 1973, so hopefully you won’t disqualify the comments. I recall registering for the Faculty of Administration in 1968. The faculty office was located in a trailer surrounded by a sea of mud.

One of the best decisions I made in my life despite getting my shoes covered in mud!

It’s gratifying seeing the growth of the campus over the years. Fittingly today I live right near the campus across Wascana Parkway near where I tried to park my car on the street for nothing during my time at the U!

Gord Archibald BAdmin’73

From: Glenn Szabo


Date: 2024-03-21 2:29 PM

Subject: U of R Memories

I'll always remember shaking hands with Mr. Diefenbaker, Chancellor [of U of S from 1969-1979], and former PM at [U of S, Regina Campus 1974] Convocation.


Also chatting with Dr. John Archer [President and Vice-Chancellor, U of R, 1974-1976] and [Dr. Martin Kovacs*] who had written a book on the Hungarian community of Bekevar, which was near my hometown of Kipling, SK.

Stay safe,

Glenn Szabo, BEd. ‘74

Note: text in brackets has been added for information

*to read about Dr. Kovacs publications, visit:

From: Glenn Beatty


Date: 2024-03-22 7:25 AM

Subject: U of R Memories

Good Morning,

I was standing at the Commissionaire's desk at the main Library when Paul Henderson scored the winning goal in game seven of the Russia-Canada hockey series.

(The Commissionaire was quietly listening to the radio broadcast and I was part of a group of students standing around him!)

Glenn Beatty BAdmin.’76

From: Dean Sane


Date: 2024-04-03 12:33 PM

Subject: Share a memory

Hi. I graduated in the First Convocation at University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus in May 17, 1965. It was a very moving and rewarding experience with Dean McLeod so very proud of the first graduating class, as was Principal Riddell!

I was fortunate to have fellow classmates namely, Eddy Woodrow and Marjorie (Smerek) Turton BA'68 at Regina campus from my Grade 12 High School graduation in Bienfait, Saskatchewan. It was certainly nice to reconnect with classmates, all of us determined to further our education.

I have some very fond memories of the Great Professors and the nice small classes. It is very hard to believe that we are approaching the 60th Anniversary of this first convocation and the 50th Anniversary of the University of Regina.

After the Regina Convocation, I continued on to the University of Ottawa to complete a Masters degree in Health Care Administration graduating in May 1967!

U of R is your university, and we want to you hear from you. Share you 50th Anniversary memories and photos with us.

Congratulations to all the Graduates of 1965. I know you have all succeeded in your personal and professional endeavours!

Dean M. Sane BA’65, MHA ‘67

Banner Image Credit: University of Regina Archives

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