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Honorary Degree Bestowed Upon Dr. Bhanu Prasad

13 June 2024
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The University of Regina has awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree to Dr. Bhanu Prasad, a Regina physician renowned for his expertise in nephrology - a field of medicine that deals with kidneys and hypertension. Dr. Prasad is an award-winning nephrologist, teacher, and researcher.

Embrace failure as a learning opportunity and prioritize your well-being. Stay curious, adaptable, and cherish the journey. — Dr. Bhanu Prasad, honorary degree recipient.

“It is an incredibly humbling and gratifying experience to receive this degree from the University of Regina,” said Dr. Prasad. “This recognition from a prestigious institution affirms the dedication and passion I have put into my clinical work, research, and teaching endeavours. It serves as validation for the countless hours of effort and commitment I have invested in my professional pursuits.”

Dr. Prasad is internationally recognized for his research on loin pain hematuria syndrome (LPHS), and his unwavering commitment to finding answers to this relatively unknown condition. This rare, debilitating disease affects young women, who are often treated with high doses of opiates, resulting in depression and long-term disability. Dr. Prasad and his team have successfully used renal denervation - a minimally invasive catheter-based procedure - to provide lasting pain relief to patients with LPHS.

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Honorary degree recipient Dr. Bhanu Prasad. Photo Courtesy U of R Communications and Marketing.

Additionally, the team is involved in research related to frailty and fractures across the spectrum of chronic kidney disease, renovascular hypertension, health economics, and epidemiological studies involving glomerular diseases. Currently, he and his team are conducting genetic studies to understand the molecular pathways for patients suffering from LPHS. They aim to find answers that can lead to the development of early diagnosis and potential treatment options before patients end up disabled and on opiates long-term.

“For his significant contribution to the field of medicine, and for expanding our understanding and treatment of LPHS and chronic kidney disease, the University is privileged to recognize Dr. Bhanu Prasad with this well-deserved honorary degree,” said U of R President and Vice-Chancellor Jeff Keshen.

Dr. Prasad has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Saskatchewan Medical Association Physician of the Year Award (2018), Top Collaborative Innovation Development Grant (Clinical Research) at the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Annual Santé Awards (2020), and the QE II Platinum Jubilee Medal awarded by the Government of Saskatchewan for Excellence in Healthcare (2023).

“My success is thanks to my wife Kalyani’s unwavering support and inspiration, my children Pranav and Syna’s motivation, my administrative assistant Kelly Erickson keeping me organized, and my exceptional research team's (Aarti Garg and Aditi Sharma) dedication and innovative thinking. Their collective contributions have shaped my journey and helped me achieve milestones far beyond what I could have imagined,” said Dr. Prasad.

Audience looking at man standing at podium
Dr. Bhanu Prasad at U of R Spring 2024 Convocation. Photo Courtesy U of R Communications and Marketing.

Dr. Prasad offers these words of advice to graduates, “Congratulations to the graduating class! As you move beyond academia, remember to pursue your dreams with passion, positivity, and gratitude. Embrace failure as a learning opportunity and prioritize your well-being. Stay curious, adaptable, and cherish the journey. May your future be filled with purpose, resilience, and boundless determination.”

Banner Photo: Honorary degree recipient Dr. Bhanu Prasad addresses Spring 2024 Convocation on June 13. Photo Courtesy U of R Communications and Marketing.

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