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Step In Step Up

What is Step In Step Up?

Step In Step Up is a movement committed to creating a university community free from all forms of gender-based violence. 

How do we do this?

Driven by the values of equity, compassion and care, we favour a holistic approach that invites all members of the campus community to play a role in addressing, preventing, and intervening in violence, through awareness, education, and training.

Why do we do this?  

Multiple forms of gender-based violence are experienced by staff, students, and faculty on university campuses across Canada. Research on addressing and preventing violence demonstrates a collective effort is needed to build campuses that are safe for everyone.


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Program Goals 


The Step In Step Up program seeks to provide members of the University community with the knowledge, strategies and tools that they need to be able to: 

  • Understand that campus sexual violence is a serious issue, and why and how everyone has a responsibility to work against it.
  • Understand the broad range of experiences that constitute sexual assault and violence.
  • Articulate how sexual violence disproportionately impacts marginalized groups. 
  • Unlearn myths and rethink dominant narratives about sexual violence (for example, blaming the victim, stranger danger myths, and gender stereotypes).
  • Understand the term “intersectionality” and articulate how people’s identities can impact their experiences, their power, and their voice.
  • Recognize and intervene in situations of harm utilizing bystander theory and strategies. 
  • Articulate their own boundaries, and recognize and accept the boundaries of others. 
  • Respond appropriately to individuals who disclose sexual violence (survivors).
  • Name the resources that exist on campus to assist survivors of sexual violence.

The program is comprised of three training levels:

Introductory Training

  • Receive a digital & printable certification.
  • Understand gender-based violence and the theory of bystander intervention.
  • Gain tools to safely Step-In when confronted with gender-based violence in your community.

Advanced Training

  • Recieve a digital & printable advanced certification.
  • Multiple on-line modules with an in-person scenario-based component.
  • Intensive training on consent, ethical decision-making, intervention styles and support.
  • Gain knowledge and practical skills to create a safer environment for all.
  • Must complete Introductory Training prior to registering for Advanced Training.


  • Learn how to facilitate the Step In Step Up training!
  • Must complete Advanced Training prior to registering for Train-the-Trainer.


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