Having Your Card Mailed

U of R Photo ID Cards are only mailed to addresses within Canada. If your current address in UR Self-Service is not in Canada, your request will be declined

Please make sure you have updated your mailing address in UR Self-Service before requesting your U of R Photo ID Card.

Please allow 3-5 business days for your U of R Photo ID Card to be processed and printed. An email notification will be sent to you when the request is approved and a second email when the card is mailed.

If you wish to obtain a bus pass, to access Regina City Transit, visit the University of Regina Student Union's (URSU) office on the second floor of the Ridell Centre to learn about alternatives. For more information about the U-Pass go to https://ursu.ca/.If a card is returned to us, we will email your uregina.ca account and allow you to update your mailing address. If you have not replied to any notifications by the end of the academic term your card will be destroyed. Should this occur, you will have to request a replacement card and pay the $15 replacement fee.