Neekaneewak (“they are leading”) Leadership Initiative (NLI)

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What is NLI?

The Neekaneewak Leadership Initiative (NLI) is an Elder based leadership program that enhances cultural awareness and develop leadership skills in student participants through traditional and current ‘ways of knowing.’

All programs, events, and training opportunities offered through the ta-tawâw Student Centre are intentionally designed to support student leadership development.

RBC $2,500 Neekaneewak Leadership Initiative Award:

Within each of the four categories of the RBC NLI Awards listed below, student nominees will be short-listed to be eligible for the $2,500 RBC award.

To be eligible, each nominee will be asked to submit a 500-word (max) reflection on their leadership development, or the impact the NLI program has had on them, and their pursuit of future endeavours.

One recipient in each category will then be selected from the nominees to be highlighted and receive an award of $2,500 at this year’s awards ceremony. Short-listed nominees will be contacted by the selection committee following the nomination deadline.

Personal Development Outcomes

Professional Development Outcome

Cultural Development Outcomes

Academic Development Outcomes

The NLI leadership outcomes have been identified by our Leadership team (Elders, successful alumni, senior students and students support partners)

Nominate a Student for RBC NLI Award

Applications will open in fall of 2023.