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2024-2025 nitôncipâmin omâ ("We Are Here") Form

The 2024-2025 nitôncipâmin omâ ("We Are Here") Student Success Program is an initiative offered by the ta-tawâw Student Centre. This program will see a group of students and the Student Success Facilitator complete core classes together in Fall 2024 and Winter 2025. Academic support, student services and student success is the focus of the program, and is provided free of charge.

***Please ensure that you have applied for admissions with the University before applying into the nitôncipâmin omâ ("We Are Here") Student Success Program. If you require assistance please contact Student Recruitment at 306-585-4591 or email to set up an appointment with an Enrolment Counsellor.

Federated College *
Have you met with a University Faculty Advisor? *
Are you aware and agree that your class schedule will change to reflect the OMA schedule? *
Are you aware and agree to the mandatory attendance of classes and reviews while in the OMA? *
Do you plan living on campus? *

NOTE: In order to complete the application process an interview may be conducted with the Student Success Facilitator.

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