COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

The University of Regina continues to take precautions to keep our university community safe from COVID-19.

These include:

  • Hosting regular vaccination clinics and encouraging the campus community to stay up to date on vaccinations;
  • Welcoming mask use in shared spaces, and providing free masks to the campus community;
  • Encouraging self-monitoring for symptoms in order to reduce transmission – individuals who are not feeling well or who experience COVID-related symptoms should not come to campus;
  • Encouraging regular self-testing – rapid antigen test kits are available for all members of our campus community, and regular testing when we are asymptomatic is recommended to ensure the safety of ourselves as well as those around us; and,
  • Ensuring a high standard of air quality on campus by maintaining our award-winning ventilation and air-quality systems.

Thank you for your continued commitment to protecting our campus community and ensuring we all have a healthy and safe environment in which to learn, teach, and work.

Weekly Wastewater Updates

Since August of 2020, a team of researchers at the #UofRegina and Luther College at the University of Regina has been surveying Regina's wastewater streams for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus causing COVID-19), in collaboration with the City of Regina | Municipal Government and EPCOR Canada, to support the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

All data have been shared with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

City of Regina

Compared to the previous week the viral levels in Regina have remained stable and are moderate high.

City of Moose Jaw

Compared to the previous week the viral levels in Moose Jaw have decreased and are low.

City of Yorkton

Compared to the previous week the viral levels in Yorkton have remained stable and are low.

City of Swift Current

Compared to the previous week the viral levels in Swift Current have decreased and remain moderate-high.

Wastewater Graph


Wastewater graph


Wastewater update


wastewater update


Masks continue to be welcome on campus, especially in areas, like classrooms or meeting rooms, where you may be in close contact with others.

Free masks are available at the entrances of the Riddell Centre, Ad-Hum, Library, KHS, and Education buildings. Visit the Saskatchewan Health Authority website as well as Health Canada's website for more information on masking and other ways to protect yourself from COVID-19.

In Saskatchewan, the decision to keep masking voluntary was made by the Province’s Chief Medical Health Officer. The majority of universities and colleges across Canada have removed masking mandates on their campuses.

Air Quality on Campus

Early in the pandemic, the University made a number of improvements to its ventilation systems to attain a higher level of filtration and reduce the possibility of aerosol transmission.

This Fall, the U of R was recognized by the National Air Filtration Association with the Clean Air Award for five of our buildings (both Kīšik Towers, Paskwāw and Wakpá Towers, and the College Building). The award is presented for “significant improvements to the quality of indoor air by increasing the level or efficiency of the HVAC filtration system in 10 specific categories.”

Health, Safety and Wellness

Learn more about health, safety and wellness supports and resources.

Town Halls have moved!

New location for Town Halls is in the University Executive Offices website.

Latest Updates

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As influenza season begins to peak and the prevalence of airborne viruses increases, the University of Regina is encouraging all students who are involved in writing in-person, final exams to wear masks during those exam sessions.

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We continue to make significant efforts to keep our campus community safe and healthy. I ask that we all continue to work together, demonstrating unity, mutual support, and compassion for one another.

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Thank you for helping to keep our campus community safe and for your understanding as the University works to ensure continued operations throughout COVID-19.