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International Studies

University of Regina's international studies program integrates international and regional area studies. Explore global processes and structures that connect and affect countries around the world.

In the international studies degree program, you can choose from two concentrations.

International Affairs

Focus on courses like contemporary and advanced issues in international affairs to develop an understanding of how the political, economic, social and cultural aspects of international issues are related.

International Development

Take courses such as international development and poverty, and advanced topics, covering strategies to alleviate poverty, displacement of refugees and scarcity.

U of R's location in Saskatchewan gives you an advantage: By studying in a capital city, you enjoy great access to co-op and internship placements through University of Regina's Co-operative Education & Internships program. Furthermore, through our Study Abroad Office, you can study in places like Barcelona, Spain; Shanghai, China; Seoul, South Korea; and Milan, Italy to gain valuable intercultural experience.

International Studies Certificate

The International Studies Certificate is available to international studies students, as well as non-majors. You can earn an International Studies Certificate by taking 10 courses (30 credit hours), which include international studies core courses and six more courses from one of the international studies concentrations.

What Is International Studies?

An international studies degree equips you with the tools to understand international affairs processes, opening doors to graduate school or careers in:

  • Federal and provincial public service
  • Diplomatic service
  • International organizations
  • Third sector and charities
  • K-12 education
  • Business management
  • First Nations governments
  • Law

International Studies Meet Your Faculty

Quick Facts

Program: Bachelor of Arts in International Studies Bachelor of Arts Honours in International Studies Certificate in International Studies
Length: BA: 4 years Cert: 1-2 years
Offered Through: University of Regina Campion College First Nations University of Canada Luther College
Faculty: Faculty of Arts
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Why Study International Studies at the University of Regina?

When earning a degree in international studies from the University of Regina, you study the complex connections between society, culture, politics, economics and the environment.

Thanks to small classes with accessible professors you’ll find an engaging, welcoming culture for academic and personal growth.

U of R focuses our degree in international studies on combining international and regional area studies. Explore the global structures that affect countries around the world. Engage in interdisciplinary courses.

Learn from international studies professors with diverse backgrounds from political science to history to anthropology. Your instructors also frequently do media commentary and consulting work with governments and international non-profit organizations.

Importantly, U of R gives you the opportunity to travel abroad to add your lived experiences perspective to your international studies degree. Find more information on our Study Abroad Office page.


International Studies Frequently Asked Questions

What clubs, campus events, and networking opportunities do international studies and international affairs students participate in?

The University of Regina offers several international relations and international affairs clubs organizations and events, including:

Are there study abroad opportunities?
Study abroad in exciting locations like Barcelona, Spain, or Accra, Ghana. Visit UR International Study Abroad page for more information.
Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we offer the following scholarships to international studies and international affairs students:

  • Todd Dixon Travel Scholarship
  • Howard Leeson Scholarship in Political Science
  • Barry Wall Memorial Book Prize
  • Ray Sentes Memorial Scholarship
  • International Studies Undergraduate Scholarship

International Studies Program Concepts and Goals

The University of Regina combines excellent academic and research opportunities with practical, hands-on experience. The end goal of our international studies degree is to develop your communication and research skills and give you a broad understanding of international politics and societies.


Get broad international relations and international affairs perspectives by taking courses like:

  • Power in international relations
  • Contemporary issues in international affairs
  • Global governance in international organizations
  • Advanced topics in international development

Build Skills

In your international studies degree, you'll develop the skills you need to work at large organizations, international governments and international non-governmental organizations by gaining an understanding of social, political and economic contexts. Learn to approach problems from multiple perspectives.

Get Jobs

Prepare for international development and international affairs careers at:

  • International organizations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • International development aid agencies
  • Regional development banks
  • Multinational corporations
  • International press service

International Studies Concentrations

International Affairs

Equip yourself with the tools to understand global and international processes and structures. Study how global events and issues affect everyday life regionally and internationally in courses like contemporary issues in international affairs and advanced topics in international affairs.

International Development

Explore economic and social disparities within countries. Study problems faced by developing nations and how to improve living standards. Take courses like international development and poverty, and advanced topics in international development.

Honours Designation

You can earn an Honours designation on your degree in both the International Affairs and International Development concentrations.

See the Undergraduate Calendar for more information.


What Can You Do With an International Studies Degree?

University of Regina international studies students establish distinguished careers in international organizations, international development aid agencies, humanitarian relief non-governmental agencies, regional development banks and governmental departments.

Specific organizations include those listed here.

To explore minors that may be available in this program area, please visit the Academic Calendar or meet with your faculty advisor in the Academic Advising Office after you are admitted.

  • Edmonton Police Service
  • Tourism Saskatchewan
  • Office of Saskatchewan NDP
  • McKercher LLP
  • CWA Property Management
  • Fasken Law
  • Government of Saskatchewan
  • 3S Health
  • Terry Fox Foundation
  • Brundige LLP
  • Canadian Federation of Independent Business
  • Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs

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