Temporary shift to remote learning to begin Winter 2022 term. Learn More.

Why Study Abroad?


At this time, the University of Regina, International has a travel suspension in place for all student mobility for the entirety of the winter 2022 semester, which encompasses:


    • Regular study abroad exchange programs
    • Short-term programs abroad
    • International practicum, internship, and fieldwork placements
    • Faculty-led study tours or short-term programs abroad
    • Faculty approved international conferences or consortium
*Please note that for research-related travel, graduate students are required to consult the VPR's research travel guidelines and policiesGraduate students who are wishing to conduct travel outside of Canada that is essential to their research can contact the Associate Vice-President Research*

We do hope to see a return to in-person outbound mobility for the spring/summer 2022 semester. Please stay tuned into the UR Study Abroad & Global Mobility website as the spring 2022 semester approaches for further updates and details. Email study.abroad@uregina.ca for further information.



Ever wonder what it would be like to take your classes in another country and another University around the world? Well it is easier than you think. UR International's Study Abroad Programs open gateways to the world! Study Abroad and Global Mobility is continuing to offer virtual exchange programming for the winter 2022 semester. Study Abroad virtually, from the comfort of your own home at some amazing institutions across the world.



Studying at an international institution has never been so convenient, or low cost! Now is the perfect time to experience international education, from the comfort of your own home. Contact our office for more information about this unique opportunity to study internationally, at home!

Please click the link below to watch a recorded version of the open house, where we go over all the details regarding the exchange program, and answer students questions.


Password: 2nVR1A%s


Please note that due to COVID-19, all Study Abroad exchange and mobility programming will be held virtually for the Winter 2022 semester. We look forward to supporting our students with in-person international mobility in future semesters.

Four Steps to Apply for Outbound Students:

  1. Where Can I Go?

  2. Apply

  3. Submit Your Documents

  4. Get Accepted!

Use this guide to begin the planning process of your exchange semester or year abroad!