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Bachelor's Degree Program

Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science is the application of mathematics, statistics, and risk theories to the design of insurance and pension programs.

Studying Actuarial Science at the University of Regina

Actuaries' areas of expertise are extensive and involve a wide range of business aspects such as operations research, finances, economics, investment analysis, analysis of medical risk, accounting, legal and regulatory aspects of insurance and pensions, among others. In other words, actuaries apply mathematical skills to the business environment, and they are experts in risk management. The actuarial profession offers continuous challenges and it requires a strong mathematical ability along with proficiency in various business skills. It is also a rewarding career with excellent opportunities for intellectual development and financial gain. The Actuarial Science Program provides students with a strong facility in actuarial methodology and applications. There is 12 month internship program that is also available to students.

Graduates from the Actuarial Science Program have close to 100% hiring success in the Actuarial Industry.

The BSc in Actuarial Science is the only program of its kind in Saskatchewan, and it is one of only 11 programs nationally that are accredited by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.


Experiential learning occurs through job placements. There is 12-month internship program that is available to students.

Sample courses

  • Econometric Models and Forecasts
  • Mathematics of Finance
  • Risk Theory
  • Casualty Insurance and Credibility
  • Canadian Pension Plan Review
  • Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

Actuarial Science Meet Your Faculty


The Faculty of Science has a number of entrance and continuing scholarships available to students at all levels of study.  Recognizing the financial challenges facing many students, we also have a large number of bursaries available to support students as they progress through their studies.  A select number of these scholarships are listed below.

Entrance Scholarships

  • Science 10th Anniversary Entrance Scholarship
  • UR Scholars Entrance Scholarship (graduate students only)

Academic Achievement Scholarships

  • Dean of Science Scholarly Achievement Award
  • Faculty of Science Indigenous Scholar Award
  • Stantec Equity & Diversity Scholarship
  • June and Jack Krogan Women in Science Scholarship
  • James B. Carefoot Memorial Scholarship
  • Kornelius G. Toews Award
  • Cooperators Actuarial Science Scholarship
  • SGI Actuarial Science Scholarship

Graduation Scholarships

  • Dean’s Medal
  • University Prize in Science

Student Awards & Financial Aid Scholarships, bursaries, and more

Quick Facts

Program: Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Actuarial Science
Length: BSc: 4 years
Offered Through: University of Regina Campion College First Nations University of Canada Luther College
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What Can You Do With an Actuarial Science Degree?

Here are some of the careers you can look forward to with your Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Science.

To explore minors that may be available in this program area, please visit the Academic Calendar or meet with your faculty advisor in the Academic Advising Office after you are admitted.

  • Actuary
  • Risk Analyst
  • Pension Analyst
  • Insurance Analyst

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