Research Overviews


Research is central to what we do here at the Hill and Levene Schools of Business and it is important to us that the research we do is relevant and makes an impact in our community. We've taken on a new project to highlight key findings of recent journal articles in language that is accessible to the general public.

File Dr. Chris Street's research article "Turnover and Recommendation Intentions in the Post-Implementation Period of Radical Decentralization" in Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management.
File Drs. Tatiana Levit and Magdalena Cismaru's research article "Marketing social marketing theory to practitioners" in International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing.
File Dr. Grant Wilson's research article "Business practices of highly innovative Japanese firms" in Asia Pacific Management Review
File Dr. Yu (Jade) Han's research article "Does Career Resilience Promote Subjective Well-Being? Mediating Effects of Career Success and Work Stress" in Journal of Career Development
File Dr. Rene Arseneault's research article "Intercultural adjustment challenges of Korean and Canadian self-initiated expatriates in the workplace: An exploratory bidirectional investigation" in International Journal of Cross Cultural Management
FileDr. Zhou Zhang's research article "All for one or all for three: Empirical evidence of paradox theory in the triple-bottom-line" in Journal of Cleaner Production
FileDr. Shelagh Campbell's research article "Peering Inside the “Black Box”: The Impact of Management-Side Representatives on the Industrial Relations Climate of Organizations" in Labour Studies Journal
File Dr. Jean-Marie Nkongolo-Bakenda's research article "Exploring the organizing and strategic factors of diasporic transnational entrepreneurs in Canada: An empirical study" in  Journal of International Entrepreneurship
File Dr. Sean Tucker's research article "Revisiting vulnerability: Comparing young and adult workers’ safety voice intentions under different supervisory conditions" in  Accident Analysis & Prevention
File Erin Lord's (MAdmin '20) research paper "Advancing Women in Leadership"
File Dr. Peter Moroz's research article "Indigenous works and two eyed seeing: Mapping the case for Indigenous-led research" in Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management An International Journal 
File Dr. Gordon Pennycook's research article "Lazy, not biased: Susceptibility to partisan fake news is better explained by lack of reasoning than by motivated reasoning" in Cognition
File Dr. Eman Almehdawe's research article "Economic Growing Quantity" in International Journal of Production Economics