Research & Professional Impact Report

The Faculty of Business Administration publishes a "Research & Professional Impact Report" each year (formerly called the Research Bulletin). This is where you can learn about all of the research that our Hill and Levene faculty members do. The bulletins include a comprehensive list of all of the refereed journal articles, books and book chapters, cases, and reports published by our Faculty, along with highlights of research grants and other recognitions. There are also listings of all of the conferences that our faculty members have attended and shared their research at. In 2019 we expanded to report to include items to related to professional impact.

Be sure to take a look to see all of the valuable work Hill Levene faculty members are doing! 

2021 Research & Professional Impact Report (378 KB) PDF

2020 Research & Professional Impact Report (534 KB) PDF

2019 Research & Professional Impact Report (418 KB) PDF

2018 Research Bulletin (381 KB) PDF

2017 Research Bulletin (450 KB) PDF

2016 Research Bulletin (381 KB) PDF

2015 Research Bulletin (442 KB) PDF

2014 Research Bulletin (314 KB) PDF

2013 Research Bulletin (231 KB) PDF

2012 Research Bulletin (75 KB) PDF

2011 Research Bulletin (84 KB) PDF

2010 Research Bulletin (222 KB) PDF

2009 Research Bulletin (85 KB)PDF

2008 Research Bulletin (167 KB) PDF

2007 Research Bulletin (63 KB) PDF