RBC Woman Executive in Residence

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) donated $375,000 to the Faculty of Business Administration in 2015 to help establish a new RBC Woman Executive in Residence Program (RBC WER).


Val Sluth is the current RBC Woman Executive in Residence, effective October 2018.

The intent of the program is to create opportunities and provide initiatives accessible to students, faculty, and staff with a focus on women's entrepreneurship and the following objectives:

  • To engage and empower University of Regina women students to consider entrepreneurship as a future career path through experiential learning opportunities;
  • To equip University of Regina aspiring women entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge and networks to lead successful entrepreneurial ventures;
  • To collaborate with Hill and Levene faculty, staff and external partners to foster and develop a spirit of entrepreneurship among women students;
  • To create awareness of the RBC Women in Residence initiative and Hill and Levene as a leader in women’s entrepreneurship regionally and nationally; and
  • To support and collaborate with the RBC Woman in Leadership Scholar.

Pat Youzwa served as the first RBC Woman Executive in Residence from July 2016 - June 2018.

You can reach our RBC Woman Executive in Residence at RBC.Woman.Executive@uregina.ca