News 2018

Congratulations to Enactus Regina!

Congratulations to our Enactus Regina team who placed first in League B of the Capital One Financial Education Challenge at the Enactus Regional Exposition in Calgary March 1 and 2! This means that they will go on to be one of four teams representing the West in this national challenge at the Enactus National Exposition in Toronto in May.

The project that Regina presented is called Financial Foundations, a project that is designed to teach financial literacy to high school students in an engaging and hands-on way. The project was successfully piloted with 40 students at Campbell Collegiate in March and the team went on to present their expansion plan for the project that includes an expanded curriculum and more class in more schools over time. Project Manager Salmaan Moolla presented the project to a panel of judges along with Jonathan Lipoth. Frank Nordstrom provided their technical support.

Dean’s Research Grants

Congratulations to the recipients of Winter/Spring 2018 Dean’s Research Grants:

  • Dr. Eman Almehdawe for her project entitled "Predicting Canadian Credit Union Financial Performance and Its Effect on IT Investment Decisions"
  • Dr. Magda Cismaru for her project entitled "What makes a high quality evaluation of a social marketing campaign? Lessons learned from evaluation reports"
  • Dr. Youngsoo Kim for his project entitled "How effective is NYSE Hybrid Trading System?"
  • Dr. Wallace Lockhart for his project entitled "Performance Measurement for Aboriginal Development Corporation"
  • Dr. Adrian Pitariu (Dr. Shadi Beshai – co-researcher from Psychology) for his project entitled "Mindfulness in the Workplace"
  • Dr. Andrew Stevens for his project entitled "Understanding managers’ hiring decision-making process: Ontario and Saskatchewan"
  • Dr. Zhou Zhang for his project entitled "Do Energy Firms Overinvest? Evidence from the Pay-to-Pump Compensation Structure"

Congratulations to Murad Al-Katib, Chair of the Levene Advisory Board and Steve McLellan, member of the Hill Advisory Board and Leaders Council member who were recently awarded the Senate Sesquicentennial Medal in recognition of their valuable service to the nation.

Two new Hill-Ivey cases have been published:

  • Newstar Magazine Exercise by Dr. Andrew Stevens and Ann Frost (January 2018. The case has three parts:
    • Newstar Magazine Exercise: Managing Editor Role (9B17C050)
    • Newstar Magazine Exercise: Publisher Role (9B17C051)
    • Newstar Magazine Exercise: Board Chair Role (9B17C052)
  • Poseidon Concepts Corporation: Boom to Bust by Dr. Nourhene BenYoussef, Dr. Saqib Khan and Walid Busaba (January 2018 – 9B18B001)

This brings our total of Hill-Ivey cases up to 32.

Congratulations to the Hill OBCC team!

Congratulations to Francis Odum, Shafeeka Sayyid, Hayley Usherwood, and Haley Stearns from the Hill Human Resources Club for winning first place in the 13th Annual Organizational Behavior Case Competition (OBCC) at the Ted Rogers School of Management in Toronto.

The judges unanimously voted our team first place, beating out 11 other schools. This is the first time U of R has won the competition.

A story about the ICBC and OBCC teams was featured on the U of R Homepage.

Congratulations to the Hill ICBC team!

Congratulations to our Hill ICBC Accounting team of Olivia Arnal and Amanda Kostur who competed this past weekend at Queen’s University!

They took first place in their category and were exceptional ambassadors for our school!

A story about the ICBC and OBCC teams was featured on the U of R Homepage.

Congratulations to the Hill JDC West team!

Congratulations to our Hill JDC West team who competed in Calgary January 12-14 and placed 2nd for School of the Year! Here is a list of their successes:

  • 2nd place Overall School of the Year (Edwards 1st, Sauder 3rd)
  • 1st place Business Strategy – Sarah Kreklewich, Bryce Riddell, Zachery Zabinsky
  • 2nd place Taxation – Sam Bancescu, Janessa Fox, Lesia Lazurko
  • 3rd place Debate – Myles Fuchs, Nicholas Giokas, Ben Hamilton, Jae Won Hur
  • 3rd place Finance – Jackson Brailean, Riley Orchard, Jon Stricker
  • 3rd place Human Resources - Christina Arsenault, Jade Hoffman, Jacob Nelson
  • 1st place Charity Hours with 3,585 hours
  • 2nd place Charity Dollars
  • 1st place Social
  • 3rd place Participation

A story about the team was featured on the U of R Homepage.