News in 2018


As of November 2018 the Levene School has an MoU with CMC Canada, through which students in our MBA, MHRM, MAdmin and EMBA programs will satisfy some of the educational requirements for the CMC designation. We believe that this is an excellent opportunity for our students and for the Levene School overall.


Congratulations to the Hill BSS who were recognized as Outstanding Young Philanthropist at the National Philanthropy Awards at the Association of Funding Professionals – South Sask Annual Luncheon.

Read more about this recognition on the U of R Homepage .

Dean’s Research Grants

Congratulations to the recipients of Fall 2018 Dean’s Research Grants:

  • Dr. Ron Camp for his project entitled “Supporting Mental Health by Building Psychological Safety Among Public Safety Personnel Leadership”
  • Dr. Shelagh Campbell for her project entitled “The impact of digital technologies and the platform economy on the legal profession in Canada”
  • Dr. Chris Street for his project entitled “Quantifying the Effect of Gender Differences on the Magnitude of the A-hole Tax in Negotiation”
  • Dr. Lisa Watson for her project entitled “Deservingness, Social Entitlement, and Psychological Entitlement as Distinct Constructs”

ICBC First Round Success

The Hill ICBC Accounting team of Robin Hamilton and Julia Haines, with faculty coach Nola Joorisity made it to the ICBC finals. The finals will be held at Queen's University in January.

Student Competition Success!

Hill Students Francis Odum, Kulsoom Shafiq, Kauron Cooper, and Rhett Danyluk participated in the National Strategy Consulting Competition and Conference (NSCC) through the University of British Columbia, Vancouver earlier this month. The team qualified for the final round out of 50 teams/schools across Canada and the US.


Congratulations to co-investigators Dr. Peter Moroz, Dr. Robert Anderson and Craig Hall with Kelly J. Lendsay on their successful Individual Indigenous Research Capacity and Reconciliation – SSHRC Connection Grant for $50,000 for their project entitled: "Research Strategies for Corporate/Indigenous Engagements".

Val Sluth photo

RBC WER Appointment

Congrautions to Valerie Sluth who has been appointed as the Faculty of Business Administration’s newest RBC Woman Executive in Residence with a focus on Women's Entrepreneurship. Ms. Sluth's appointment will be for two years, effective October 2018.

Hill Dinner

The 45th Annual Hill Dinner, hosted by the Hill Business Students' Society took place on October 30 featuring keynote speaker Dominic Barton, Senior Partner and Global Managing Partner Emeritus at McKinsey & Company.

Mr. Barton was the inautural Honouring Integrity, Legacy and Leadership (HILL) Award recipient.

Mr. Barton also spoke to a group of student leaders that same afternoon.

A story about the Dinner was also featured on the U of R Homepage .


Congratulations to Hill student, and Enactus Regina President, Arslan Azeem, who participated in the Building Bridges Case Competition in Vancouver. It was organized by the Cansbridge Fellowship and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

Arslan’s team placed first in the genetic testing services segment of the competition and won a group prize. Their case solution will be sent to the largest genetic testing company in East Asia.

Accounting Fellowship

The 25th Accounting Fellowship Awards Banquet was held on October 16 to honour 9 students who were the newest members of the Accounting Fellowship Program, bringing the group to a total of 441 members.

Fall 2018 Convocation

Congratulations to the 86 students from the Hill School of Business and 20 students from the Levene Graduate School of Business who convocated in Fall 2018.

Congratulations also to Hien (Alice) Nguyen who was the recipient of the University of Regina’s President’s Medal, the Dean’s Medal and the University Price in Business Administration.

Dr. Sean Tucker


Congratulations to Dr. Sean Tucker who has been appointed the WorkSafe Saskatchewan Research Scholar for a three-year term.

Thanks to the generous donation of $30,000 from Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board, the Faculty is able to further enhance our capacity to produce, publish, and disseminate relevant research.

Alumni Crowning Achievement

The U of R Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards recipients have been announced. Congratulations to Ken Ottenbreit (BAdmin’80) who is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

You can learn more about Ken here.

Ken, along with the other recipients will be formally honoured at the Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards dinner on October 11.

Dr. Lisa Watson


Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Watson who has accepted a three year appointment as Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research commencing on January 1, 2019.

Dr. Ron Camp


Congratulations to Dr. Ronald Camp who has accepted a two year appointment as the Deputy Director for the Collaborative Centre for Justice Studies. Ron's ‘home’ Faculty will remain the Faculty of Business Administration and he will continue to teach in the Hill and Levene Schools of Business.


Congratulations to Hill alumni, Marty Klyne (BAdmin ’86) who has been appointed to the Senate by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

You can read more about Marty and this appointment in this story which was posted on the U of R Homepage .

Hill-Ivey Case

The 35th Hill-Ivey case has been published:

University of Regina Club: Financial Statement Analysis by Dr. Nourhene Ben Youssef, Dr. Walid Busaba and Dr. Saqib A Khan (September 2018 - 9B18B016).

Dr. Ron Camp

Reviewer Appointment

Dr. Ronald Camp has been appointed as a reviewer for the Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB).

Hill School to Host JDC West 2020

Under the leadership of Hill alumni, Cari-Lynn Schoettler (BBA ‘17) and Mason Gardiner (BBA ‘14) the Hill School was successful in its bid to host JDC West 2020.

The story of the successful bid was featured in a story on the U of R Homepage .

Dr. Robert Anderson photo

ASAC Fellow

Congratulations to Professor Emeritus, Dr. Robert Anderson, who was appointed as an ASAC Fellow for a three-year term.

Prince's Operation Entrepreneur

The Hill and Levene Schools and Enactus Regina hosted Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur for the sixth year under the guidance of faculty advisors Dr. Lisa Watson and Lee Elliot and student project manager Ramish Attiq in August 2018. This year the Hill and Levene School’s POE reached a significant milestone, surpassing the 100 graduate mark.

The program was featured in a story on the U of R Homepage .

Dr. Chris Street photo

Hill-Ivey Case

A new Hill-Ivey case has been published:

Evaluative Holacracy at iQmetrix by Dr. Chris Street, Ann Frost and Clayton Caswell (July 2018 - 9B18C022)

Dr. Gord Pennycook


Congratulations to Dr. Gordon Pennycook, who just received a SSHRC Insight Development Grant for $48,730 for his project entitled “The everyday consequences of analytic thinking”.

His was the #1 ranked application.

Levene School Partnership

The Levene School has signed an agreement with Harvard Business School’s online branch, HBX, to create new opportunities for our MBA students. This agreement will allow Levene MBA students to complete up to two transfer courses towards their Levene MBA through HBX at a reduced tuition rate. Levene is one of only three schools in Canada that has partnered with HBX.

Dr. Gord Pennycook


Congratulations to Dr. Gordon Pennycook, new faculty member with the Hill and Levene Schools of Business as of July 1, who has just received a research grant from the Miami Foundation for $350,000. This grant is from the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund. Gord is the principal investigator and his co-investigator is David Rand, Associate Professor of Management Science and Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT (Sloan).

The research will examine why people fall for fake and hyperpartisan news and to use these insights to develop novel interventions to fight misinformation on social media. Pennycook and Rand’s ultimate goal is to inform both public policy and the behavior of social media companies by having them implement their rigorously tested and theoretically derived interventions.

Levene Graduate Students' Association (LGSA) Executive

The executive team for the 2018-2019 LGSA is:

  • Michelle Dubem-Nwachukwu – President
  • Sukhdeep Kaur - Secretary
  • Angela Fraser - Treasurer
  • Jonathan Calfat - Social Media Influencer/Marketing/PRO
  • Nonye Ajator - GBUS Representative
  • Jada Yee - Indigenous Representative

Hill Business Students' Society (BSS) Executive

The executive team for the 2018-2019 Hill BSS is:

  • Owen Kot – President
  • Taylor Istace – VP Academic
  • Megan Shoemaker – VP Social
  • Kyle Hodge – VP Marketing
  • Mackenzie Dangstorp – VP Finance
  • Jon Stricker – VP Corporate Relations
  • Amy Pilon – VP Student Affairs

Dr. Gina Grandy photo


Congratulations to Dr. Gina Grandy who was appointed as the Dean starting July 1.

Dr. David Senkow photo

Associate Dean, Strategic Advisor to the Dean

Congratulations to Dr. David Senkow who was appointed as the Associate Dean, Strategic Advisor to the Dean. David will serve an 18-month term starting July 1.

Dr. Morina Rennie photo

Associate Dean, Undergraduate

Congratulations to Dr. Morina Rennie who was appointed as the Associate Dean, Undergraduate. Morina will serve a two year term starting July 1.

Dr. Adrian Pitariu photo

Associate Dean, Research & Graduate

Congratulations to Dr. Adrian Pitariu who was appointed as the Associate Dean, Research & Graduate. Adrian will serve a two year term starting July 1.

Tenure & Promotion

Congratulations on the following career milestones effective July 1:

  • Randy Linton has been granted a tenured appointment
  • Paul Sinclair has been granted a tenured appointment and promotion to Associate Professor 

Dr. Saqib Khan photo

Hill-Ivey Case

A new Hill-Ivey case has been published:

SaskPower U.S. Debt: Hedging Currency Exposure by Dr. Saqib Khan and Walid Busaba (June 2018 - 9B18N011)


Congratulations to Hill student Jasmine Gemmel a student in BUS 402 New Venture Creation. Jasmine was chosen to join 25 students from across Canada at the national Youth Can Do It! event for young entrepreneurs June 10-12. There they connected with mentors, resources and inspiration to move their entrepreneurial aspirations forward. Jasmine started Bellezza Moda jewelry in 2014.

Spring 2018 Convocation

Congratulations to the 244 students from the Hill School of Business and 56 students from the Levene Graduate School of Business who convocated in Spring 2018.

Congratulations also to Jae Won Hur who was the recipient of the University of Regina’s President’s Medal, the Dean’s Medal and the Leon Goldman Scholarship.

Levene Dinner

The Levene Dinner took place on May 24 featuring keynote speaker Chief Clarence Louie of the Osoyoos Indian Band on the topic of “The path to indigenous business success: Leadership Lessons”.

Congratulations to Hayley Nargang who was the recipient of the Leaders Council Graduate Scholarship in honour of Chief Louie. Hayley was presented with the award by Chief Louie at the Dinner.

Enactus Regina place at Nationals!

Enactus Regina placed 3rd in the country in the Capital One Financial Education Challenge for their Financial Foundations project at the Enactus Canada National Exposition that took place from May 14th-16th in Toronto. Congratulations to Project Manager Salmaan Moolla, his fellow presentation team members Jon Lipoth and Frank Nordstrom, and their tech team Abbas Syed and Zuhaib Baqui for their success. The team also earned a national Spirit Award for their performance in the opening round of competition. Our national presentation team consisted of Jon Lipoth, Frank Nordstrom, Usaid Siddiqui, and Affan Usmani. Our tech team was, once again, Abbas Syed and Zuhaib Baqui.

This is the first time that our Enactus team has brought home a top three national placement and the first time that it has brought home two awards from a national exposition. This year's team delivered exceptionally high quality presentations and are keen to work on larger scale projects in future.Our team also included Ibrahim Badmus and Jana Ham, who represented Enactus Regina at this year's 3-day Enactus Canada Leadership Summit from May 17th-19th immediately following the competition.

Lisa Watson was named as a John Dobson Enactus Fellow for her work as Faculty Co-Advisor this year. Lee Elliott also served as Co-Advisor of the team this year.

Dr. Sandeep Mishra photo


Congratulations to Dr. Sandeep Mishra who was the recipient of a NSERC Discovery Development Grant for $20,000 from 2018-2020 for his project entitled “Risk-sensitive decision-making: An examination of cognitive influences”.

Dr. Robert Anderson photo

SSHRC Insight Grant Success!

Dr. Robert Anderson along with Drs. Bettina Schneider and Richard Missens of First Nations University, are co-applicants on a successful SSHRC Insight application "Indigenous social entrepreneurship: a co-generated approach". Other co-applicants include Rick Colbourne of UNBC and Ana Maria Peredo of UVic. The applicant is Irene Henriques of York University.
This 3 year, $175,000 project seeks to build an aspirational Indigenous social entrepreneurship framework. Such a framework is based on the co-generation and co-creation of knowledge and experiences whereby the Indigenous world view of cooperation, community, sustainability, sense of place, a generational perspective and the entrepreneurial Western perspective are synthesized so as to derive a more complete and inclusive understanding of entrepreneurial processes.

Tax Solutions

The Hill Business Development Club ran their annual Tax Solutions initiative for 6 weeks in March and April. Tax Solutions was open to students and the public, allowing them to have their taxes done for free by volunteer accounting students and project managers.

The team filed a total of 680 tax returns! Thank you to the Tax Project Managers, Amanda Kostur, Nicole Tryhorn, Yashjeet Mann, and Oluseyi Akinwale for making this happen.

Hill Alumni Association

The Hill Alumni Association (HAA) held their AGM on April 11 where they elected a new Executive and Board consisting of:

  • Nicole Nameth - President
  • Danielle Lane - Vice President
  • Erin Campbell - Treasurer
  • April Popadynec - Secretary
  • Amna Choudhry - VP Events
  • Mahendre Mishra Bungsy - VP Finance
  • Clarke Westby - VP Marketing
  • Rory McCorriston - VP Membership
  • Jasmine Gray - Member at Large
  • Dan Kohl - Member at Large

Special thanks to outgoing Vice President Kirk Morrison and members of the outgoing Hill Alumni Association Executive and Board for the work they have done.

Dr. Eman Almehdawe photo


Congratulations to Dr. Eman Almehdawe who received $25,000 in research funding from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for her collaborative project with Access Communications Co-operative Ltd. entitled “A bi-level optimization model of the technician routing and scheduling problem for access”.
khart and Zhou Zhang for 10 years of service.

Long Service Recognition

The University of Regina recognized faculty and staff at the Long Service Recognition Awards in April. Members of the Faculty of Business Administration who were honoured include David Senkow for 25 years of service; Aldene Meis Mason for 20 years of service; Ron Camp for 15 years of service; Saqib Khan, Wallace Lockhart and Zhou Zhang for 10 years of service.

Dr. Robert Anderson photo Professor Emeritus

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Anderson who has been granted the title "Professor Emeritus" in the Faculty of Business Administration.

Dr. Kolb Professional Development Breakfast

The RBC Woman Executive in Residence hosted a professional development breakfast featuring Dr. Debora Kolb on the topic of Negotiating at Work: Creating the Conditions for Career Success on March 22. Following the breakfast there was a panel discussion including Andrea Robertson, Kim Ulmer and Cathy Warner.

Hill BSS 5 Days for the Homeless

This year’s BSS “5 Days for the Homeless” campaign ran from March 18 through 23. 5 Days is a national campaign and takes place at Universities all across Canada. For 5 Days, 5 participants from the U of R will be sleeping outside to raise money for Carmichael Outreach. The 5 participants this year were:

Logan Gelowitz from the Faculty of Business
Nicole Tryhorn from the Faculty of Business
Natasha Labar from the Faculty of Arts, Human Justice major
Jordan Frederickson from the Faculty of Social Work
Isaac Lubiak from the Faculty of Education

The co-chair for 5 Days are Rebecca Perigny, Brittany Boczulak, and Ally Jackson.

Their 5 Days campaign raised $53,913.33 for Carmichael Outreach. For the third year in a row, their total was the largest amount raised of all participating universities (ever). Over the past nine years, the Hill BSS has raised $278,693.44 for Carmichael Outreach.

The campaign was featured in a story on the U of R Homepage .

Congratulations to Enactus Regina!

Congratulations to our Enactus Regina team who placed first in League B of the Capital One Financial Education Challenge at the Enactus Regional Exposition in Calgary March 1 and 2! This means that they will go on to be one of four teams representing the West in this national challenge at the Enactus National Exposition in Toronto in May.

The project that Regina presented is called Financial Foundations, a project that is designed to teach financial literacy to high school students in an engaging and hands-on way. The project was successfully piloted with 40 students at Campbell Collegiate in March and the team went on to present their expansion plan for the project that includes an expanded curriculum and more class in more schools over time. Project Manager Salmaan Moolla presented the project to a panel of judges along with Jonathan Lipoth. Frank Nordstrom provided their technical support.

They were featured in a story on the U of R Homepage .

Dean’s Research Grants

Congratulations to the recipients of Winter/Spring 2018 Dean’s Research Grants:

  • Dr. Eman Almehdawe for her project entitled "Predicting Canadian Credit Union Financial Performance and Its Effect on IT Investment Decisions"
  • Dr. Magda Cismaru for her project entitled "What makes a high quality evaluation of a social marketing campaign? Lessons learned from evaluation reports"
  • Dr. Youngsoo Kim for his project entitled "How effective is NYSE Hybrid Trading System?"
  • Dr. Wallace Lockhart for his project entitled "Performance Measurement for Aboriginal Development Corporation"
  • Dr. Adrian Pitariu ( Dr. Shadi Beshai – co-researcher from Psychology) for his project entitled "Mindfulness in the Workplace"
  • Dr. Andrew Stevens for his project entitled "Understanding managers’ hiring decision-making process: Ontario and Saskatchewan"
  • Dr. Zhou Zhang for his project entitled "Do Energy Firms Overinvest? Evidence from the Pay-to-Pump Compensation Structure"

Congratulations to Murad Al-Katib, Chair of the Levene Advisory Board and Steve McLellan, member of the Hill Advisory Board and Leaders Council member who were recently awarded the Senate Sesquicentennial Medal in recognition of their valuable service to the nation.

Two new Hill-Ivey cases have been published:

  • Newstar Magazine Exercise by Dr. Andrew Stevens and Ann Frost (January 2018. The case has three parts:
    • Newstar Magazine Exercise: Managing Editor Role ( 9B17C050)
    • Newstar Magazine Exercise: Publisher Role ( 9B17C051)
    • Newstar Magazine Exercise: Board Chair Role ( 9B17C052)
  • Poseidon Concepts Corporation: Boom to Bust by Dr. Nourhene BenYoussef, Dr. Saqib Khan and Walid Busaba (January 2018 – 9B18B001)

This brings our total of Hill-Ivey cases up to 32.

Congratulations to the Hill OBCC team!

Congratulations to Francis Odum, Shafeeka Sayyid, Hayley Usherwood, and Haley Stearns from the Hill Human Resources Club for winning first place in the 13th Annual Organizational Behavior Case Competition (OBCC) at the Ted Rogers School of Management in Toronto.

The judges unanimously voted our team first place, beating out 11 other schools. This is the first time U of R has won the competition.

A story about the ICBC and OBCC teams was featured on the U of R Homepage .

Congratulations to the Hill ICBC team!

Congratulations to our Hill ICBC Accounting team of Olivia Arnal and Amanda Kostur who competed this past weekend at Queen’s University!

They took first place in their category and were exceptional ambassadors for our school!

A story about the ICBC and OBCC teams was featured on the U of R Homepage .

Congratulations to the Hill JDC West team!

Congratulations to our Hill JDC West team who competed in Calgary January 12-14 and placed 2nd for School of the Year! Here is a list of their successes:

  • 2nd place Overall School of the Year (Edwards 1st, Sauder 3rd)
  • 1st place Business Strategy – Sarah Kreklewich, Bryce Riddell, Zachery Zabinsky
  • 2nd place Taxation – Sam Bancescu, Janessa Fox, Lesia Lazurko
  • 3rd place Debate – Myles Fuchs, Nicholas Giokas, Ben Hamilton, Jae Won Hur
  • 3rd place Finance – Jackson Brailean, Riley Orchard, Jon Stricker
  • 3rd place Human Resources - Christina Arsenault, Jade Hoffman, Jacob Nelson
  • 1st place Charity Hours with 3,585 hours
  • 2nd place Charity Dollars
  • 1st place Social
  • 3rd place Participation

A story about the team was featured on the U of R Homepage .