Centre for Management Development

Established in 2005, the Centre for Management Development (CMD) operates within the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Regina. The Centre is dedicated to promoting leading edge business practices that will enhance the professional development and growth of business leaders and their organisations.


To provide practical work experience for students and faculty through consulting and training that solve problems and improve business skills for clients.


  1. Provide a support structure for students and faculty to engage the business community
  2. Operate as a university-wide Centre for entrepreneurship and business advisory services
  3. Provide the business community with research and tools to enhance business success
  4. Support the development of entrepreneurs
  5. Showcase the depth of business knowledge and expertise among our students and faculty


Centre for Management Development

The Centre employs a number of students and faculty members for individual projects as well as one full-time student intern.

Three Strategic Areas

  • Executive Development
  • Business Advisory Services
  • Research

Executive Development

The Centre develops and delivers executive level training on leadership and on a variety of customised business topics. Faculty members have unique backgrounds and valuable insights into many aspects of business that can be translated into an interactive learning approach.

Business Advisory Services

The Centre offers an extensive array of consulting services provided by students and Faculty member teams. To increase students’ exposure to the business community, highly accomplished students play a role in consulting. Not only are students able to apply their knowledge to support enterprise development or enterprise growth, but businesses are given the opportunity to work with potential future employees. Faculty members are involved in supervising and supporting students on their projects.


The Centre also undertakes research engagements of both a qualitative and quantitative manner to assist businesses in decision making around problems and issues. This often includes creation and completion of surveys on behalf of clients.