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Pre-registration Session for Qualifying Students

Mon., Mar. 24, 2014 2:00 p.m.

Location: Education Building, Room 561

This is a pre-registration session for qualifying students in the Paul J. Hill School of Business for the Winter 2014. We will assist with the selection of appropriate classes to take to complete your qualifying courses.   

Each student that attends a workshop will receive a copy of his/her program grade card, showing all courses which have been completed and all remaining outstanding program requirements. This is a valuable tool for you when you are trying to determine which courses to register in.

If you plan to attend this session you must sign up on a registration sheet at the general office (ED 517) or by calling the general office at 306-585-4724. Students should allow for between one and two hours in order to get the most out of the session. If you are unable to attend this or one of the other sessions offered, please ask about the possibility of making other arrangements.