Dwight Heinrichs

Instructor (Marketing)

Office: ED 512.10
E-mail: Dwight.Heinrichs@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4718

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University of Regina
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Thesis: Strategic Change Architecture and the Role of Power and Politics

Dwight Heinrichs is a tenured faculty member at the Paul J. Hill School of Business. He specializes in strategic marketing, premium branding and innovation, bringing a choreographed fusion of theory and experiential learning into his second, third and fourth year classes.

Dwight is also on faculty with the Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business specialized in Strategic Marketing. He has co-designed and led international study tours to Finland, Estonia, Germany and France, and, supervised multiple graduate student research projects.

Dwight redesigned the faculty lounge, faculty board room and sessional office to exude a professional energy. He had a central role in the design of the faculty’s Center for Management Development. Further, he designed both the Levene and Hill commemorative displays.

Borrowing a tagline from McDonalds, Dwight now has over 5000 business students served with 130 courses delivered. He is a five-time Professor of the Year recipient and served as faculty advisor for Enactus, the Business Students Society, and, the Hill Marketing Club.

Dwight enjoys classic gin martinis and singing Sinatra tunes at karaoke venues in Vancouver. He has a black belt in Shotokan Karate and has been on the autobahn in Germany in a BMW at 270 kilometers per hour. He is a photo-realist portrait artist specialized in graphite, enjoys jazz at Dizzy’s Club when he gets to New York, and, takes summers off to cruise on his Harley.