Morina Rennie

Associate Dean, Accreditation
Professor (Accounting)

Phone: 306-585-4715

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Ph.D., Accounting, The University of Alberta
C.A., The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Saskatchewan
M.Sc., (Accounting), University of Saskatchewan
B.Comm, Great Distinction, (Accounting), University of Saskatchewan
C.M.A., Society of Management Accountants of Saskatchewan
A.R.C.T., (Piano performance), Royal Conservatory of Music, University of Toronto
Dip.A.A., (Accounting), Saskatchewan Technical Institute (now Saskatchewen Polytechnic)

BUS 387 Intermediate Financial Accounting II
BUS 485 Advanced Financial Accounting

Dr. Rennie conducts research in a variety of areas including: the history of public sector accounting, public-private partnerships, auditor-client relationships, corporate governance, risk management, and private company auditing and accounting choices.