Major in Finance

Finance is the study of the management of money by individuals, businesses, and related organizations. It is an essential component of any businesses and important for every individual and the society. It helps business and individuals to make better investment and financing decisions, and directs funds to the most valued uses. It is a profession that pays well with ever growing career opportunities.

Who It's For
Choose finance if you are interested in banking, investing, and managing business finances. Finance program will develop your analytical and problem solving abilities, critical thinking, and people skills. If you like the challenges and excitement of operating under uncertainty, finance is definitely a good fit for you.

What It Looks Like
The program will start with the theory and applications of corporate finance. An array of specialized classes is offered covering different aspects of finance such as investments, portfolio management, derivatives and risk management, international financial management, capital markets and financial institutions, and financial modelling with Excel. A case-based course is also offered that provides opportunities to apply theory to real life scenarios.

Careers in Finance
Financial managers in business firms; management of investment companies such as mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds; commercial banking; private banking services; investment banking; insurance; financial advisors; central bankers among others.

FINANCE Major (6 courses):


BUS 395   Finance: Theory and Application


BUS 494  Derivatives and Risk Management


BUS 495   Financial Analysis and Decision Making


BUS 497   Investment Analysis & Portfolio Mgmt.

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BUS 491   International Financial Management

BUS 498   Capital Markets & Financial Institutions

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BUS 392   Financial Modelling

BUS 393   UR Investing

BUS 394   Entrepreneurial Finance

BUS 472   AA-ZZ Selected Topics in Finance

BUS 491   International Financial Management

BUS 492   Topics in Financial Management

BUS 493   Security Analysis

BUS 498   Capital Markets and Financial Institutions


Students interested in learning more about becoming a Certified Financial Planner or Chartered Financial Analyst, should contact the following:

The Canadian Institute of Financial Planning:

The Chartered Financial Analyst: