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Hill Management Student Association (HMSA)

The Hill Management Student Association (HMSA) is a non-profit, student-run organization within the Paul J. Hill School of Business, dedicated to empowering student’s career by facilitating information between students, alumni, industry experts, professional associations/designated bodies and our business partners.

We represent students in Human Resources, general management and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to empower and equip students for their future careers by providing them with networking opportunities, opportunities to explore and travel across the country to conferences and case competitions and lastly, a membership system to keep students updated with career related information.

Our core values are mutual respect, student first, integrity and honesty, inclusivity and diversity, pursuit of knowledge, community and social responsibility and accountability.

Our vision is "Empowering students' careers"

The HMSA executive team for 2018 - 2019 consists of:
Francis Odum - President
Kulsoom Shafiq - Executive Vice President
Ryan Hamilton - Coordinator for Organizational Behaviour Case Competition & Conferences
Daniel Cherian - VP Corporate Relations
Ibinabo Bryan - Director, Corporate Relations
Iyanu Adetogun - VP of HR & Member Experience
Amy McInnis - VP of HR & Member Experience & CPHR
Shayla Svenson - VP Marketing
Hayley Usherwood - Social Media Manager
Jarin Tasnim - VP Events
Janie Edquilane - Director, Events
Tim Helmke - VP Finance
Angelina Phong - Director of Finance

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