International Study Opportunities

The world is your classroom! Here at the Paul J. Hill School of Business, we promote experiential education by encouraging all students to get involved.

Learn more about the International Opportunities available to students in the Hill School of Business.

Bring your education to life and enrich your academic understanding; take part in our highly valued international study options. Expand your horizons and enrich your view of the world.

“The entire experience was absolutely incredible, and the country was just plain beautiful. ... It’s totally different from any other experience you could ever have, because you just experience everything so differently on a Study Tour. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Living in another city for 30 days was an unbelievable opportunity.”
~ Kavan (see more)

Travel or Study: There’s no need to settle on one or the other; enjoy both! Take your opportunity to travel AND get credits towards your program while you do it. Opportunities are availabe for Business students to take one month, one semester or one year of courses at affiliated universities worldwide.

Gain firsthand experience of another culture and further your global awareness. We offer:

Make the most of your university experience! Explore new cultures, travel the world, become part of the global community and gain the international experience you need for today’s global market!

*Photo courtesy of Shahzadi Sayyid