Study at the Shanghai University of Accounting and Finance in Shanghai, China

Courtesy of Kavan Kamboz
*Photo courtesy of Kavan Kamboz


"We got to practice our international negotiation skills at the street level as we haggled for goods and souvenirs in the day and night markets. We exp
erienced the incredible and bizarre nightlife of a city with an unmatched spirit and skyline. We tried foods and desserts that I had never heard of and were beyond comparison in taste."
~ Shahzadi (see more)


The program runs from May 2-30, 2018. Students are required to be in attendance from the first day to the last day. Attendance is required at all Orientation/Welcome, Field Trip and Graduation events that have been pre-planned by the Host University. An airport shuttle will be provide but students are required to plan/coordinate their arrivals into Shanghai for May 1 and departures from Shanghai for May 31.

Admission to this program is by selection process only. Please DO NOT make any travel arrangements or book any flights until AFTER your acceptance to participate in the program has been confirmed.

A selection of 10-20 students will be approved to participate in this program.  


The requirements to participate are as follows:

  • students must be in the Paul J. Hill School of Business
  • students must have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours prior to application for the program
  • students must have a minimum GPA of 70% at time of application (averages between 68 and 70 may be considered, space permitting)
  • students must be in good standing at the UofR -- both academically and financially (no exceptions)
  • students must have space in their degree programs for transfer credit for the courses to be taken in Shanghai (students who will be taking the program as "extra" courses may be considered, providing space is available)
  • students must return to the UofR for a semester following the program (this does not need to be a full-time semester)


The cost of the above program is $1,700 Canadian Dollars (payable at the UofR as a program fee attached to your SEP course registration). The program cost covers – course tuitions, accommodation, some prearranged meals (not all meals will be provided, you will need to budget money to pay for food), field trips, and airport shuttle (availalbe on specified arrival/departure dates only).

Students will also be responsible for booking and paying for their own flights. Students will need to coordinate their travel plans so that everyone is arriving on one or two different flights to facilitate airport shuttle/transfers.


Students will take 3 courses in Shanghai as following (other course options are NOT available):

1. Chinese (Conversational Mandarin)

The course is designed for anyone interested in learning conversational Mandarin Chinese from the very beginning! It’s elementary course in which you will learn the basics of Chinese, from greetings and basic conversational skills to being able to shop, use public transport, go to a restaurant and travel.

This is an intensive basic course designed for students who are eager to begin the Chinese language by learning phonetics, tones, basic words, grammar and sentence structures. All lessons in this course are explained in plain English, the situational dialogs are translated, there are many useful everyday life examples in each lesson.

The goal is to help learners develop the communicative ability by learning useful situational dialogs, vocabulary, language structures, functions and related cultural background. Once you have finished this course, you will have the basic survival skills in Chinese for communicating in daily life.

Transfer Credit: Students who are eligible to take the Chinese course above will be granted transfer credit for Chin 100LV (2 credit hours). Students must achieve a grades at least 10% higher than the passing grade to qualify for transfer credit. Students who speak, read, or write any Chinese dialect, or students who have previously studied Chinese at any level, are not eligible to receive credit for Chin 100LV.

2. International Accounting

The course is one of the essential courses of the accounting specialty which primarily introduces the accounting recognition, measurement and disclosure mode in major countries. The objective of this course is to make students understand the difference of adapting different accounting standards when making financial statements and further broaden their horizons and develop their ability to think and analyze problems.

3. International Business Negotiations

Course desciption not yet available.
Transfer credit:  Each of the two Business courses above will be granted transfer credit for BUS 200LV (2 credit hours each). Students must achieve agrade at least 10% higher than the passing grade to qualify for transfer credit. This transfer credit qualifies as a Study Abroad Trip exemption (exempt one Bus 408AA-ZZ requirement) for an International Studies major.


The application deadline is 9:00 AM on Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Your completed application must be submitted to Wendy Tebb, ED 512.7 before the deadline. Application packages must include all required supporting documentation in order to be considered. We can send between 10 and 20 students - therefore, not all students who apply will be approved to participate. DO NOT book any travel arrangements until you find out you have been selected to participate. We anticipate that you will be notified of your acceptance status by March 23, 2018.

Students will be responsible for obtaining the appropriate Visas to travel to China after they receive their Letters of Invitation from the university in Shanghai.


For more information:

Contact Wendy Tebb in the Faculty of Business Administration for more information.
Phone: 306-585-4075
Or, call 306-585-4724 to book an appointment to meet with Wendy to discuss how this program and the transfer credits will fit into your specific degree program.