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Leaders Council

On July 1, 2013 the Hill and Levene Schools in the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Regina launched Leaders Council. This distinctive group is for leaders in the business community who are interested in advancing the mission of the Hill and Levene Schools of Business.

Leaders Council Vision:

Vital to Hill and Levene Schools of Business, Leaders Council is a dynamic network of business and community leaders supporting the convergence of  theory and practice towards the social and economic advancement of our community.

Membership is recognized as both meaningful and prestigious by Regina’s most successful leaders.

Leaders Council advances a progressive business culture in our community, and advocates for and supports the business schools through guidance and resources.

Leaders Council Mission:

Leaders Council is a network of business and community leaders who commit to the continued advancement of the Hill and Levene Schools of Business. Specifically, Leaders Council:

*   Connects the students and faculty to the business community;
*   Connects leaders to one another;
*   Supports the sustainability of the business schools; and
*   Provides opportunities for individual leaders to find meaning through involvement.

To learn more about the group, or to take the first step towards becoming a member, please contact us using the following online Leaders Council form.

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