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Levene Advisory Board

The Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business Advisory Board to the Dean was created in 2014. It was established to represent the interests of key stakeholders in the advancement of graduate programs within the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Regina.

The Levene Advisory Board provides support and counsel to the Dean on matters related to the Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business. The board members serve as ambassadors of the school with industry, governments and the community.

The Board provides support and advice to the Dean of the Hill and Levene Schools of Business on matters related to:

  1. The needs of business and management;
  2. Outreach and ambassadorship in the extended community; and
  3. Brand and profile development.

The group consists of ten members including:

  • Kenneth Levene
  • three ex-officio members including Gina Grandy, Dean; Eman Almehdawe, Associate Dean Research & Graduate; Chuck Sylvestre, President of the Levene Alumni Association
  • three members appointed from the business community
  • three members appointed from the Leaders Council membership