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At the Levene Graduate School of Business (Levene GSB), our focus is to help you advance your career. Our goal is to help you reach your utmost potential. Our mandate is to support sustainable economic development by creating an inspiring space for learning.

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Our variety of program options means that no matter what your interest or career path, we have a program that will take you to the next level. Our innovative specializations in public safety management and engineering management are one-of-a-kind, and our programs in leadership and HR management are staples for people in all areas of industry.

Levene GSB challenges you to think strategically. Today’s market has evolved far beyond the governance of local economics, making it critical to develop a global perspective. We link research, theory, practice, inquiry and imagination to develop ethical and visionary leaders.

Discover a world of opportunity with the Levene Graduate School of Business.

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Levene GSB has created a new Assistant Dean position. We are excited to announce that effective June 19 Marci Elliott will be joining the Levene School to fill this position. Click here to learn more...

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