Harvard Levene MBA Partnership

Exclusively for Levene MBA Students


The Levene School is proud to be one of only three Schools in Canada to have a partnership with Harvard Business School's online branch HBS Online. This partnership allows Levene MBA students to take advantage of low tuition rates for courses taught by Harvard Business School faculty members. MBA students are eligible to take up to two courses through HBS Online Credential of Readiness (CORe) program and have the credits transferred to their Levene MBA program. Students may also complete a third course - Financial Accounting - to earn the CORe certificate from HBS Online and Harvard Business School.

What courses are eligible for transfer credit into my MBA program?

Two of the three courses offered in the HBS Online CORe program are eligible for transfer credit to your Levene MBA program. They are:

  • Economics for Managers
  • Business Analytics*

*Considered equivalent to MBA 880 - Managing Information, Analytics and Decision-making, which is a core course in the MBA program.  Students may only take Business Analytics with HBS in semesters when MBA 880 is not offered through the Levene School of Business.

What are the tuition fees?

Because of our partnership with HBS Online, if you indicate at the time of registration you want to be considered for a scholarship / financial aid, you will be considered for a need-based discount, thus reducing the cost per course or reducing the cost of the CORe certificate. Applicants may be required to submit financial documents during the assessment process of the scholarship.

NOTE: In order to receive the discount from HBS, applicants must apply for the non-credit program option, and indicate the collaborating college (ie: Levene School of Business - University of Regina) during the application process. Applicants will then wait to see the discount applied to your HBS online student account tuition balance and then you may pay the remaining balance. If an applicant pays for the tuition prior to the discount being applied, the discount will no longer be applicable to your HBS CORe course(s).

What is the Application Process?

Prior to applying for HBS Online courses, students should discuss the transfer credit HBS courses with the Levene Advisor by emailing levene.advising@uregina.ca.   Following this discussion, you will be required to complete and submit a Request for Transfer Credit form to the Levene School. Refer to your Levene student handbook or the FGSR web page for information on transfer credit policies.