Hill Levene Mentor Program

The Hill Levene Mentor Program is a great opportunity for students to connect with practitioners in their area of interest. The program will pair third and fourth year Hill business students and Levene students with community business partners, based on a match between their interests. It allows students the opportunity to ask questions in an informal setting to find out what the work is really going to be like.

Mentors can come from any area of the business community, including for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, crown corporations and government departments.

The application and selection process takes place each September/October with the matches being made in November.

For Students:

Student Guidelines (66 KB) PDF file

Student - Frequently Asked Questions (59 KB) PDF file

Student Application Form (167 KB) Word file

For Mentors:

Mentor Guidelines (61 KB) PDF file

Mentor - Frequently Asked Questions (87 KB) PDF file

Mentor Application Form (166 KB) Word file

For more information, phone 306-585-5016 or use the Hill Mentor contact form.

Student & Mentor Testimonials:

“The program is designed to enhance critical thinking skills and the development of leadership skills. I highly recommend this program to students and to perspective mentors.”

“The Hill and Levene Mentor Program is an excellent method of engaging with the community to expand ones' academic, career and personal knowledge base. I am certainly richer for having been involved with the program and I would highly recommend participation to business students at all levels of post-secondary education.”

“I am so energized by these young, eager, bright students. I appreciate the opportunity to share some of my experience and wisdom with them.”

“The Hill Mentor Program gives you one business world connection who is there to answer the real questions about transitioning from being a student to having a full time job…it helps you see the value in your studies…”