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Working in the context of engineering is a complex and demanding task. Proper management of these environments is only part of the picture. Learn how to innovate and influence your workplace with the Levene MBA in Engineering Management.

Take an active role in ensuring that your team and your organization are capable of being leaders in your industry. We designed the Levene MBA in Engineering Management exclusively for professionals working in engineering environments. We provide you with the core business skills you need to excel and lead as part of an executive team.

We demonstrate the fundamentals of business with a focus on technology intensive industries. We offer industry-specific training in Project Management, Economics, Business Law, and Risk Management.

What It Looks Like

Engineering Management is one Specialization option of the Levene MBA. It is a 33 credit hour program intended to be taken full or part-time. To suit your needs, it is offered primarily through evening, online or one-week intensive delivery.

In addition to the six core courses, you will enter into four select courses chosen specifically for the Engineering Management program. To best suit your personal business needs, there are six course options for you to choose from.

Specialization courses to choose from are:

  • Production and Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Economics for Practicing Engineers
  • Business Law for Practicing Engineers
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • A Systems Engineering Approach to Project Management

International Study Tour

Students in the Engineering Management Specialization are required to participate in the International Study Tour.

It’s still a Levene MBA...just specialized.

See the world before you change it.

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