Public Safety Management Program Outline

The Levene MBA is a 33 credit hour program (10 courses) intended to be taken full or part-time. To suit your needs, it is offered primarily through evening, online or one-week intensive delivery.

Required Core Courses: MBA 815 Business Policy & Strategy
MBA 830 Social Issues in Business
MBA 860 Managing Change
MBA 880 Managing Information, Analytics and Decision-making
MBA 899 Integrative Practicum (6 credits)
MBA 848 AA-ZZ International Study Tour
Specialization Courses (required): JS 802 Interprofessional Collaboration for Public Safety, Health and Learning
ECON 835 Economics of Public Safety
Two of the Following Three Classes:
JS 803 Public Safety and Community Policing
JS 804 Public Safety in a Democratic Society
ENGG 822 Risk Assessment and Management

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