Levene Master of Science in Organization Studies

Why a Levene MSc?

The Levene MSc in Organization Studies is a 33 credit hour program that equips students with advanced research skills and extensive knowledge in a specialized area of business administration. The target audience for the MSc in Organization Studies is primarily students who recently completed their undergraduate education and who have a strong interest in a research-focused career in business. The MSc program is a research-based degree with a thesis requirement.

Top 6 reasons to take the Levene MSc program:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills for a successful career as a business analyst, consultant, policy analyst or research analyst
  • Develop necessary grounding to pursue a PhD in Business Administration
  • Enter directly into a “professional” graduate program in business upon the completion of your undergraduate degree
  • Full time program allows for 16 month completion
  • Pay-as-you-go structure
  • Scholarships available for qualified students

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