MSc in Organization Studies Program Outline

The Levene MSc in Organization Studies is a 33 credit hour program intended to be taken full time. To suit your needs, it is offered primarily through a combination of evening, online and one-week intensive delivery.
Levene MSc three required 3 credit hour core courses:

  • GBUS 817 - Human Behavior in Organizations
  • GBUS 838 - Research Methods in Management             
  • PSYC 802 - Applied Multivariate Statistics            

In addition to these three core courses, choose three 3 credit hour electives from the following (or any relevant graduate level course recommended by the faculty advisor and approved by the Faculty of Business Associate Dean Research and Graduate Programs. Note: This could include directed readings courses with the faculty advisor relevant to the student’s area of research):

  • GBUS 844 – Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining        
  • GBUS 845AK - Business Analytics                     
  • GBUS 845 - Selected Topics in Business Administration
  • GBUS 868 - Occupational Health and Safety             
  • GBUS 870 - Leadership: Theory & Practice                 
  • GBUS 871 - Group Dynamics in Organizations             
  • GBUS 873 – Negotiation and Conflict Resolution            
  • GBUS 875 - Women in Leadership
  • PSYC 820 – Advanced Social Psychology                 
  • SOC 804 – Advanced Research Methods                
  • SOC 805 – Advanced Research Methods II

To complete your program you must complete a thesis project worth 15 credit hours.

Proposed Course Schedule

Year 1 Year 2

Fall Semester

3 core courses

Fall Semester

Thesis work

Winter Semester

3 elective courses

Thesis proposal

Summer Semester

Thesis work