When is the deadline for applying to the Levene Graduate School of Business programs?

Applications for Levene graduate programs are considered on an on-going basis and in the order received. Apply as early as possible to ensure your application can be processed in time for your desired program start. Applications received after the deadline are considered but may not be processed in time for the desired entry point, or in time to obtain a student visa. Deadlines are:

MBA, MHRM, M. Admin, M. Cert

  • March 1 for September start (Fall semester)
  • July 1 for January start (Winter semester)
  • October 1 for May start (Spring/Summer semester)


  • May 15 for September start (Fall semester)

Are there any circumstances when the GMAT can be waived for admission to the MBA program?

Applicants who have an undergraduate degree in business administration from a Canadian or U.S. institution, or from an internationally accredited business school (ie. AACSB or EQUIS), and the Canadian equivalent of a minimum GPA of 75% may be exempt from submitting a GMAT or GRE score.

What is the "Mid-Career" admission option?

The mid-career admission option is applicable to the EMBA, MBA, M.ADMIN, MHRM and MCERT programs, and is designed for those applicants who do not hold a 4 year undergraduate degree, but have substantial management experience.

To qualify for this admission option, applicants must have at minimum eight to ten years of relevant mid-management experience and meet all other admission requirements of the program. Mid-career managers must meet the program's qualifying course requirements before beginning graduate courses if they have not been completed prior to acceptance.

Once accepted, when can students start the program?

Accepted students have three semesters (one calendar year) to begin their program.

Is it possible for a students to defer admission?

As students have one (1) full calendar year to begin classes, requests for deferrals are done on a case by case basis.

Do applicants have to complete any qualifying courses before they apply to the program?

Qualifying courses do not have to be completed before application to the program. If applicants are accepted into the program and they have not completed the necessary qualifying courses they will be required to complete those courses with a GPA in each course of 70% or greater prior to beginning graduate level courses.

Can qualifying students register for graduate courses?

Qualifying students can complete up to one (1) graduate level course before completing all required qualifying courses.

How long do students have to complete the program?

Fully qualified students (those students who have completed all qualifying courses) have six (6) years to complete their graduate program.

How do students register for a course?

Registration is done through UR Self-Service.

Registration for new students can only be completed once all admission requirements have been met.  Registration for all current students can only be completed once all financial and academic holds have been removed from a student’s record. 

Please see the FGSR website for more information and a step-by-step process on how to register online using Self-Service.

How many course registrations does a student require to be considered a full-time student?

Graduate students registered in two (2) courses (6 credit hours) are considered full-time students.

Registration Requirements for International Students:

International Master’s students must be registered full-time in the fall and winter semesters, and minimally part-time in the spring/summer semester.

Full-time registration for international students is defined as:

  • registered in six (6) credit hours or more in the fall and winter semesters
  • registered in courses designated as full-time registration (co-op program)

Registration in three (3) credit hours does not meet the definition of full-time registration unless those credit hours pertain to the last requirements of the program

What is the minimum grade allowable in the graduate programs?

All graduate students must achieve a grade of no less than 70% in all courses.

Is there financial assistance available?

There are a limited number of externally funded scholarships available to Business Administration graduate students. Please see the list of scholarships for further details. https://www.uregina.ca/gradstudies/current-students/scholarships/index.html

What is the project option?

Students following the project option must prepare and present a substantial research paper on a suitable topic. Student conduct research, under the supervision of a faculty member and a committee, examining a topic relevant to their program and academic interests. Past projects have ranged from theoretical research to the practical application of concepts and theories to the work place. Typical projects are approximately 60 pages in length.

Is it possible to transfer courses to Levene programs from previously completed Masters programs?

Yes, a maximum of three courses for credit from other graduate programs are transferrable.  Courses must be evaluated and deemed equivalent to courses in the Levene program before credit will be considered.  The student is given Advanced Standing which does not reduce the number of credit hours or fees required by the existing program. Advanced Standing has to be requested at the time of Admission or Reinstatement.

More information can be found here: https://www.uregina.ca/graduate-studies-research/graduate-calendar/advanced-standing.html

Is it possible to take courses from other faculties for credit in Levene programs?

Yes, a maximum of three courses for credit from other faculties at the University of Regina is acceptable.  Prior permission must be given by the Levene School and the faculty offering the course before a student can register for the class.

Is it possible to transfer from one Levene program to another once accepted?

The programs at the Levene School are seen as distinct from each other and have different admission requirements.  A new application is required if a current student wishes to move to a different program.