Academic Coordinators

Name Faculty/Department E-mail Phone
Jim Mason Faculty of Business Administration
Hailey Greke Faculty of Business Administration 585-4720
Raelynn Norbeck Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business 585-6294
Diana Sharpe Faculty of Engineering 337-2423
Colleen Walsh Faculty of Engineering 585-5416
Dr. Samira Sadaoui Department of Computer Science  337-2340
Dr. Howard Hamilton Masters Computer Science 585-4079
Dr. Brian Sterenberg Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry 585-4106
Dr. Nikolay Kolev Department of Physics 585-4262
Dr. Andrei Volodin Department of Mathematics & Statistics 585-4771
Dr. Ian Coulson Department of Geology 585-4184
Cassi Tremblay Faculty of Arts 585-4640
Dr. Harold Weger Department of Biology 585-4479
Co-op Internship Coordinators
Dr. Peter Douglas Actuarial Science Internship Academic Coordinator
Connie Renwick Actuarial Internship Academic Assistant 337-3122