Explore Options and Make Connections

Explore educational and career opportunities related to your interests and other factors important to you for career satisfaction (e.g., location, work/life balance). Enjoy researching your options well and increase confidence in making informed decisions.

Identify U of R programs related to your interests. Review and learn more about all the Undergraduate Degree Programs and specializations offered.

Get details on programs, specializations and majors of interest. Review U of R program options and course descriptions in the Academic Calendars.

Try out the online "Career Cruising" program for career planning. Provides resources for self-assessment, as well as exploring occupations, education and employment in all fields: 

  • U of R Students: Select "Career Cruising" (Quicklinks) and log in
  • Check if available through the library in your community

Review descriptions in the "UR Career Guide" online. Review potential knowledge, skills and abilities, and careers related to selected U of R programs. (Quicklinks)

Monitor employment related to your studies and interests. Concerned about future work? Monitor related job postings:

  • Visit Student Employment Services for details on upcoming career events (e.g., Career Fairs, employer sessions)
  • Attend Career Sessions (Quicklinks) on job searching, resume prep and other related topics
  • Where do you think you might like to work? Visit websites of organizations and employers of interest

Crosscheck and evaluate information from different sources and experiences. Continue researching your educational and career options. Integrate information gathered from a variety of sources and experiences:

  • Talk with people studying or working in areas of interest
  • For related experience, get a related job or volunteer work (see Volunteer listings)

Keep exploring educational and career options, and making new connections. Career development is a lifelong activity.

  • Navigate your journey well with informed decisions. Continue to explore, connect, re-evaluate and self-assess.
  • Enjoy discovering interesting opportunities for realizing your potential!