Certificate in Administration 1

Use the Certificate to improve your career options, better understand how organizations operate and customize your Certificate to your interests.

This five-course certificate is best suited to the part-time learner. The certificate allows students to attend classes in the evenings and still complete the credential within eight months to one year, depending on availability in courses.

For students looking for a full-time program of study, the Certificate in Administration 2 is an excellent introduction to business concepts and can provide pathways for further study. Certificate in Administration 2 can be completed within one year (three semesters) full time, or longer if taken part-time.

Scheduled Breaks: For information about scheduled breaks for international students visit Work While You Study.

  • Courses to complete: 2 core + 3 elective
  • Credit hours: 15 credit hours
  • Pre-requisites: Varies by course
  • Program duration: Suited to part-time study
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Core Courses

CCE 099 Academic Integrity (0.00 credit hours)
BUS 100 Introduction to Business
BUS 260 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour


Select three of the following:

Course Prerequisite
ACAD 100 Academic Discourse: Writing, Research and Learning Strategies N/A
BUS 201 Entrepreneurship: Creativity, Design and Innovation N/A
BUS 205 Business Communication (formerly ADMN 265) ENGL 100
BUS 210 Introduction to Marketing

BUS 100
BUS 260

BUS 250 Introduction to Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations BUS 100
BUS 260
BUS 285 Introductory Financial Accounting N/A
BUS 288 Introductory Managerial Accounting BUS 100
BUS 285
BUS 307 Business Law BUS 100 + 45 credit hours
BUS 361 Management Performance BUS 250
ECON 100 Introduction to Economic Issues* OR N/A
ECON 201 Introductory Microeconomics* OR
ECON 202 Introductory Macroeconomics*
15 credit hours OR
Pre-calculus 20
* Students can use only one economics course as a Certificate in Administration elective.

Course Listing

CRN Course Sec Title Instructor Dates
22865 BUS 100 041 Introduction to Business Brian Schumacher May 6
Jun 19
22868 BUS 205 041 Management Communication Brian Schumacher May 6
Jun 19
22870 BUS 210 041 Introduction to Marketing Dwight Heinrichs May 6
Jun 19
23097 BUS 250 071 Introduction to Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations STAFF Jul 2
Aug 15
22872 BUS 260 041 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour Nadine Milne May 6
Jun 19
23099 BUS 260 071 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour STAFF Jul 2
Aug 15
22878 BUS 285 043 Introduction to Financial Accounting Megan Costiuk May 6
Jun 19
23101 BUS 288 071 Introduction to Managerial Accounting Wallace Lockhart Jul 2
Aug 15

I Want To

The Laddering Option

  1. Certificate in Administration 1
  2. Certificate in Administration 2
  3. Business Administration Diploma
  4. Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

If you are interested in the laddering option, seek advising early in your program.