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Business Analysis Certificate

Respond to the growing demand in your company or business with the knowledge, competencies and skills to become a Business Analyst. Enhance your ability to create solutions to business problems.

  • Classes to complete: 7 core
  • Number of hours: 7 classes X 14 hours = 98 hours
  • Achievement: Business Analysis Certificate
  • Course Fee: Each course is $645+GST
    Each certificate course is being offered in a blended format using Zoom and CCE Community. You will be required to commit to a total of 14 hours of learning including: pre-work, after class work with your group, and on your own.

Understand and apply a new level of knowledge for Business Analysis in your roles and responsibilities as well as explore all of the steps in the Business Analysis Process using the framework of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) Business Analysis Body of Knowledge(BABOK®).

The Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Regina is an Endorsed Education ProviderTM with the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®).

Each individual Seminar is worth 14 CDUs with IIBA®.

Funding Opportunities

Our non-credit programs may qualify for the Canada Training Credit and Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant.


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Type Name Upcoming
Prerequisite Fundamentals of Business Analysis Jan 17-19
Required Business Analysis:  Planning and Monitoring Feb 2-4
Required Strategy Analysis Nov 8-10
Feb 14-16
Required Elicitation and Collaboration Oct 27-29
Mar 2-4
Required Requirements Life Cycle Management Oct 13-15
Mar 14-16
Required Requirements Analysis and Design Definition: Solution Evaluation Nov 24-26
Mar 30-Apr 1
Required Business Analysis Practicum (taken last) Dec 6-9
Apr 11-14

Course Descriptions

Fundamentals of Business Analysis


In this introductory session you will learn what Business Analysis involves, what a Business Analysis does, and what their role is in relation to other members of a project team. You will be introduced to key Business Analysis concepts, knowledge areas, tasks, techniques and competencies that will be expanded upon in later sessions. You will be given a high level overview of the latest Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (Version 3) and how it compares with the previous version. All of this and more will be facilitated through an effective combination of lecture, discussion and group exercises.

Business Analysis: Planning and Monitoring


Discover how to plan and monitor effective traditional and contemporary methodologies for business needs and opportunities. Planning activities include developing a communication strategy and planning to manage changes to requirements. Identify, analyze and build your internal and external stakeholder relationships.

Strategy Analysis


Strategic Analysis is all about exploring the dynamics of an organization and the challenges Analysts will face in order to meet the demands of the business units while aligning with an organization's overall goals and objectives. This course will delve into the understanding the business wants and needs, transforming those requests into solutions, evaluation methods to establish viability within the organization and steps to gain the required approvals to move the solution forward.

Elicitation and Collaboration


All business analysts require the ability to gather relevant information from stakeholders and communicate that to operational or project teams. This course reviews leading practices in managing stakeholders through elicitation, documentation and validation of requirements. Emphasis is placed on the methods, techniques and best practices to managing collaboration amongst diverse stakeholder groups.

Requirements Life Cycle Management


Aligning, coordinating and implementing requirements are complex tasks that all business analysts must master. This is the essence of requirements life cycle management. Students will learn theory and practical techniques to ensure that business, stakeholder, and solution requirements and designs are synchronized and that they are contained within the delivered solution. This class will also contain practical exercises to develop student skills to promote building organizational capacity to store, retrieve and leverage business analysis information on future projects.

Requirements Analysis and Design Definition; Solution Evaluation


In this session you will review two final areas from the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (Version 3) First, specifying and modeling requirements, defining requirement architecture, designing options, and analyzing potential value and recommending solutions. Second, measuring solution performance, analyzing performance measures, assessing solution and enterprise limitations as well as recommending actions to increase solution value. All of this and more will be facilitated through an effective combination of lecture, discussion and group exercises.

Business Analyst Practicum (taken last)


This final course takes students through the entire lifecycle of a business analyst case requiring them to employ the knowledge gained from previous courses. Students will go through the exercise of best practices, strategies, needs and opportunities, system requirements and the implementation and communication of a business solution.

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