Certificate in Indigenous Economic Development

The six course certificate program delivered through Indigenous Studies (DILAC) and Business and Public Administration (DISEED) at First Nations University of Canada will prepare students to engage in culturally appropriate strategies for economic development with Indigenous communities by providing students an understanding of Indigenous culture, history and current events (INDG 100 and INDG 201 or 236), community research issues and methods (INDG 280 or 282) and an introduction to economic theory and business in a First Nations context (ADMN 100 Intro to Administration, ADMN 225 First Nation Economic Development) and ADMN 260 (Intro to Organizational Behavior).

Note: Students enrolled in a part-time program do not maintain full-time student status throughout the program. Therefore part-time programs may be unavailable to international applicants due to Citizenship and Immigration Canada regulations. Part time programs are also not eligible for student loan funding.

  • Courses to complete: 6 core
  • Credit hours: 18
  • Prerequisites: Varies by course
  • Program duration: Part-time study
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Core Courses

INDG 100 Intro to Indigenous Studies
INDG 201 Intro to Contemporary Indigenous Issues
INDG 236 Indigenous Economic and Environmental Geographical Systems
INDG 280 Research Issues in Indigenous Studies
INDG 282
Methods in Indigenous Community-based Research
ADMN 100 Intro to Administration
ADMN 225 First Nations Economic Development
ADMN 260 Intro to Organizational Behaviour

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