Find your professional voice as you shine in the media spotlight, work behind the scenes to boost public perceptions, build awareness or create more open and productive working relationships. Brushing up on your know-how or adding new skills to your professional repertoire is beneficial for your career and is often necessary to stay on top of your game.

Undergraduate Certificates

Public Relations

Develop writing and communication skills to expertly promote your organization.

FNUniv Reconcilitation Studies

This certificate focuses on efforts to close the gap between First Nations and non-First Nations societies within Canada.

Professional Microcredentials

Business Communications

Develop your writing, public speaking and facilitation skills. With the skills gained, you will be ready to engage and persuade any audience. Complete all three Badges within two years to recieve your Business Communications Professional Microcredential. 

Written Communications Badge Instructor: Penelope Popp Oct 24-26
Facilitation & Consensus Building Badge Instructor: Shari Hildred Nov 30-Dec 2
Presentation & Public Speaking Badge Instructor: Loretta Gerlach Nov 21-23

Professional Development

Many of the Professional Seminars include communication development.