Certificate in Public Relations

With the growth of the Internet and social media, the need for Public Relations Specialists is on the rise.

Learn Expert Promotion, Communication and Organization.

Learn the foundations of public relations, how to prepare a communication plan to reach your target market and develop writing and communication skills to expertly promote your organization. Practical learning experiences and the opportunity to meet and learn from other public relations professionals will set you apart in the job market and give you hands-on training from industry experts.

  • Courses to Complete: 4 core + 1 elective
  • Credit Hours: 15
  • Pre-Requisites: None
  • Program Duration: Part-time study

Online and evening courses available.

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Core Courses

PR 100 Foundations of Public Relations
PR 101 Writing & Editing for Public Relations
PR 200  Strategic Communication Planning
PR 201   Communication Tools & Techniques


PR 202 Research & Evaluation: Measuring Effectiveness and Success
PR 203
Media Relations
PR 204
Organizational Communications in Public Relations
PR 205
Social Responsibility and Ethics
PR 290AA-ZZ Public Relations Trends and Special Topics

Students admitted to the Certificate in Public Relations program prior to 200920 should consult a program advisor to ensure their transition to the new program is done properly.

Course Listing

CRN Course Sec Title Instructor Dates
12253 PR 100 397 Foundations of Public Relations Kenneth Bell Jan 8
Apr 13
12254 PR 101 397 Writing and Editing for Public Relations Mark Claxton Jan 8
Apr 13
12255 PR 200 397 Strategic Communication Planning Kimberly Kratzig Jan 8
Apr 13
12256 PR 201 397 Communications Tools and Techniques Kenneth Bell Jan 8
Apr 13
12257 PR 204 397 Organizational Communications in Public Relations Michelle Katchuck Jan 8
Apr 13

Public Relations Knowledge (PRK)® Exam

The PRK® exam is the equivalency exam for the public relations and communications management professions in Canada. After successfully completing the PRK® exam, individuals will be able identify on their resumé Public Relations Knowledge (PRK)® exam participant (successful) to set themselves apart from other applicants in the job market. They will be able to enter the public relations field with increased confidence and be received with added respect.

University of Regina is an exam location for the PRK® exam.