Certificate of Extended Studies in Aboriginal Education

This certificate is a dynamic, flexible, and developmental approach designed to fill a gap in cross-cultural teacher training. The core of this program is based on experiencing and building a greater awareness and understanding of Aboriginal history and culture that validates Aboriginal/Indigenous knowledge through working with Elders, going on field trips, listening to guest speakers, participating in simulations, and attending community events.

Students will critically analyze and reflect on cultural bias, including one’s own values and assumptions. The program will prepare sensitive educators to teach Aboriginal children, teach in inner city schools and teach all children about Aboriginal culture and history.

  • Courses to complete: 7 core + 2 elective
  • Credit hours: 30
  • Prerequisites: B. Ed. degree, Cree 100/104 or 101/105, Saulteaux 100/104 or 101/105
  • Program duration: 8 months full-time or part-time study

Core Courses

EIND 405 Foundations of Indigenous Knowledge (6 credit hours)
must be taken within the first 15 credit hours
ECCU 200 Into to Cross Cultural Education or
EIND 205 Intro to Indigenous Education
EIST 300 Intro to Indigenous Studies Education
EIST 400 Issues in Secondary Indigenous Studies Education
INDG 100 Introduction to Indigenous Studies
INDG 221 Metis Culture and History
And one of the following:
INDG 208, INDG 210, INDG 215, INDG 216, INDG 218 or INDG 219

Elective Courses

One of the following: INDL 241, INDL 242, EISE 332, INAH 100, INA 210, INA 220, JS 351, Senior Indigenous Studies Courses
One of the following: CREE 100/104, SAUL 100/104, DENE 100/104, NAK 100/104, DAK 100/104, or one approved elective (course content must be relevant to Aboriginal Education)

The Certificate of Extended Studies in Aboriginal Education is a 30-credit hour certificate program beyond the B.Ed degree. It is an Additional Qualification Certificate and teachers will be eligible for reclassification according to The Saskatchewan Education Teacher Certification and Classification Regulations 2002.

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