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Certificate in Early Childhood Studies for the Helping Professions

This 15-credit hour certificate program offers teachers, educators and those individuals who are employed in the helping professions the opportunity to advance their professional learning in early childhood development, as well as, play, the arts, expressive art therapies and trauma informed practice and early literacies.
Undergraduate Course Rotation - This is the tentative rotation for courses within the program until Winter 2022.
Note: Students enrolled in a part-time program do not maintain full-time student status throughout the program. Therefore part-time programs may be unavailable to international applicants due to Citizenship and Immigration Canada regulations.


  • Courses to complete: 1 core + 4 electives
  • Credit hours: 15 credit hours
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Options: Varies by semester - Course Schedule
  • Program duration: Part-time study
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Core Courses

ECE 435 Curricular Implications of Play


Two of the Following:

ECE 200 Teaching and Learning in Pre-K to 5
ECE 205 Orientation to Teaching Children in the Early School Years (K-5)
ECE 325 Experiential Learning for Young Children
ECE 400 Contemporary Perspectives and Challenges in Early Childhood Education
ECE 425 Contemporary Perspectives in Early Childhood Education
ECE 445 Introduction to Preschool Settings

Approved Elective List A (choose two)

EAE 201 Introduction to Aesthetic Education K-12
ECE 200-400 (any 1)
ECS 110 Self and Other
EFDN 306 Schooling and Sexual Identities *Prereq: 30 credit hours*
EFDN 308 Women and Education *Prereq: 30 credit hours*
EFDN 309 Social Issues in Education
EPSY 217 Teaching as a Helping Profession
JS 280 Introduction to Social Justice *Prereq: 12 credit hours or permission of Dept Head*
KIN 180 Lifespan Growth and Motor Development
KHS 139 Movement Education
SOC 208 Inequality and Social Justice
SOC 212 Gender and Sexuality *Prereq: 12 credit hours or SOC 100 or permission of Dept Head*
SOC 213 Families *Prereq: 30 credit hours or permission of Dept Head*
SW 427 Expressive Arts in Social Work Practice *Prereq: SW 390*
WGST 200 Feminisms: Feminist Theory and Knowledge *Prereq: WGST 100 or permission of coordinator*

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