Education Leadership Institute of Saskatchewan

The first of its kind in Canada, the Education Leadership Institute of Saskatchewan (ELIS) is an initiative of the Centre for Continuing Education, University of Regina in partnership with the Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials (SASBO) and the Ministry of Education.

The Institute is geared towards SASBO employees as well as those working in or around education who want to develop their skills in leadership.

Based on contemporary leadership theory within an education context, the curriculum is designed to develop skills and competencies of leadership in the following core areas:

  1. Life Balance and Personal Development
  2. Visioning and Planning
  3. Conflict and Collaboration
  4. Policy and Politics
  5. System Thinking
  6. Community and Culture

These competencies will be developed and enhanced through a variety of instructional methodologies. Presenters at the Institute, each of whom is an acknowledged leader and educator, will lead participants through these competencies during the retreat.

The Master Facilitator will continue providing support and direction as requested by participants during the five-month program.

The Institute

  • Opening and project retreats
  • Lectures and workshops
  • Team projects focusing on five core competency areas
  • Personal leadership challenge
  • Teleconferences/webinars involving discussions with leaders and content experts


Opening Retreat

The program begins with a five-day Opening Retreat. During the retreat, participants will:

  • Engage in participatory presentations delivered by education leaders.
  • Develop a project proposal to further leadership skills.
  • Meet participants, course presenters and coaches from diverse areas in the education sector.

Project and Closing Retreat

  • Interactive panel discussions
  • Team project presentations
  • Banquet with keynote address and certificate presentation

A two-day Project Retreat follows the Opening Retreat with:

Learning Teams

Participants will work in learning teams. These teams provide support and assistance to each other as they develop their projects. Coaches and the Master Facilitator will provide additional support to these teams.

Program Certificate

Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate from the University of Regina. This certificate will have additional value for participants whose professional associations require ongoing professional development and continuing education.

Our certificate programs qualify for Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant Funding.

Unique Features

  • Leadership theory and practice within an education context
  • Interdisciplinary focus
  • A cohort model
  • Teamwork
  • Ongoing application of models, concepts and theories through group work
  • Practical application of learning
  • Leadership and community development
  • Networking
  • Varied delivery methods
  • Intersectoral resources
  • Policy-practice interface
  • Ongoing facilitation for duration of course
  • Teleconferences
  • Intensive, accelerated experience