Certificate in Foundations for Nursing

Admission to this program is suspended effective Winter 2024 term. Check out the NEW Certificate in Nursing Readiness.

This certificate is intended for individuals who may be interested in applying to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN) program who want to lighten their course load in their first year, develop a solid foundation for the SCBScN program, demonstrate success in courses specific to the SCBScN program and/or satisfy their curiosity about Nursing. All courses within this certificate would be credited to the SCBScN program for those applicants who are successfully admitted to the SCBScN. 

Completion of this certificate does not guarantee admission into the SCBScN program.

NOTE: Advising for this program is done through the Faculty of Nursing.

  • Courses to complete: 6 core
  • Credit hours: 18
  • Prerequisites: Varies by course
  • Options: Varies by semester - Course Schedule
  • Program duration: One year or longer
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Core Courses

ENGL 100 Critical Reading and Writing
STAT 100 Elementary Statistics for Applications
INHS 100 Introduction to Indigenous Health Studies
BIOL 222 Microbiology for Health Professionals
BIOL 140 Human Biology for Non-majors
KIN 170 Lifestyle, Health and Wellness
KIN 180 Lifespan Growth and Motor Development
KIN 275 Introduction to Nutrition
65.00% PGPA Required

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