Certificate in Pastoral Studies

NOTE: Admissions for this program have been suspended.

The program will be of interest to those who seek to deepen their understanding of what constitutes the spiritual and personal well-being of others; it also provides an opportunity for those wishing to increase their professional competence in a range of areas that minister to these needs, including service in lay-ministry, hospitals, hospices, schools and a variety of other institutional settings.

  • Courses to Complete: 10 courses + 1 integration seminar + 1 practicum
  • Credit Hours:
    30 credit hours
    6 hours integration seminar
    80 hours non-credit practicum
  • Pre-Requisites: None
  • Program Duration: Part-time study
Courses to complete 10 courses + 1 integration seminar + 1 practicum
Number of credit hours 30 credit hours minimum
6 hours integration seminar
80 hours non-credit practicum
Prerequisites None
Options Varies by semester
Course Schedule
Program duration Part-time study

Learn To

  • Develop a strong theoretical background
  • Develop practical skills
  • Apply to the areas or pastoral care and counseling

This program is in partnership between the Centre for Continuing Education and Campion College.

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Core Courses

Integration seminar

Participation in an ongoing integration seminar, convened by the director of the program (a total of 6 hours during the semester enrolled in PAST 310).

PAST 400 Pastoral Studies Practicum

This is a required course for all students. With support from the practicum supervisor, students will become directly involved in pastoral counseling to clients in the community. This practicum is 80 hours in duration, however, the exact days or hours per day will be negotiated between the student and the agency.

Prerequisite: PAST 310 and PAST 320


PAST 310 Intro to Pastoral Studies
PAST 320 Pastoral Care
PAST 330 Foundations of Pastoral Care
PAST 390-395 Selected topics in Pastoral Studies

Three of the Following:

RLST 100 Intro to Religious Studies
RLST 211 East Asian Religions
RLST 227 Jesus the Christ
RLST 228 Christianity
RLST 241 Islam
RLST 275 Women in World Religions
RLST 331 Modern Christianity
RLST 332 Contemporary Christianity
PAST 340 Contemporary Spirituality

One of the Following:

RLST 219 Judaism
RLST 245 Biblical Literature - Hebrew Bible
RLST 248 Intro to the New Testament
RLST 345 Biblical Literature - Advanced Studies in the Hebrew Bible
RLST 349 The Gospels and the Letters of John
RLST 351 The Life and Letters of Paul
PAST 340 Contemporary Spirituality

Three of the Following:

PSYC 101 Introductory Psychology A
PSYC 102 Introductory Psychology B
PSYC 210 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 220 Social Psychology
PSYC 230 Perspectives on Personality
PSYC 325
PSYC 335 Psychology of Individual Behaviour and Interpersonal Relations

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